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Lim Ying Xuan, Megan

Interview with Megan Lim Ying Xuan, President of Student Councillor, Vice-President of Table Tennis, shares how she balances her leadership responsibilities with her academic achievements.

Any thoughts regarding your achievement at the O-level exam?

I’m satisfied with the results I’ve received as I gave my best. I’m especially pleased with my performance in Mathematics and Science because these were subjects that my teachers, parents and I had invested heavily in. It is heartening to note that my commendable performance came after months of struggling with these subjects.

How do you juggle a whole host of responsibilities from running the Student Council as President and the Table Tennis as Vice-President?

Being in leadership roles meant that I had to manage my time very carefully as I believe in fully committing myself to anything I take up. There were times when I felt really tired and doubtful of my ability to do well.

I’m fortunate to have the support of my parents who perked me up during my low moments with their words of encouragement and ensured I received adequate rest and nourishment. My older brother, an ex-YTzen, was also instrumental in seeing me through my graduating year. He was empathetic whenever I shared my fears and concerns. He would always tell me not to overstress myself so that I could give my best in everything I did. There were also times when I would clarify my academic doubts with him, something I’m grateful for because it was amidst his hectic schedule that he found time for me!

My friends in the Student Council and Table Tennis were pillars of emotional support as well. We forged friendships through common experiences that we could all identify with.

Which YTSS value resonates the strongest with you?

Resilience as I had been entrusted with Herculean responsibilities such as running the Student Council and Table Tennis. There were many times when I felt down and unsure if I could survive this arduous journey towards my O-level exam. I was fortunate enough to receive encouragement from my teachers who allow me to find the courage to bounce back from all setbacks.  For example, I struggled constantly with Biology throughout my Upper Secondary years and it was under the guidance of Ms Lee that I managed to score a distinction. She offered me extra lessons and would enquire about my well-being which gave me respite in the days leading up to the national examination.

Any advice for your juniors?

YTSS is an excellent platform for us to maximise our potential given the array of opportunities available to develop us in the areas of leadership and CCA. The dedication of the staff and a positive school culture also make the school experience here something to look forward to no matter how tough the going gets. Do appreciate the chances that come your way – be it to expand your social circle or discover a hidden talent!