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Nur Fitri Syazwani

Interview with Nur Fitri Syazwani, Student Councilor, Vice President of Choir and a music enthusiast, who plans to work in the exciting industry of mass communications.


Any thoughts regarding your achievement at the O-level exam ?

I’m extremely happy and pleasantly surprised at my results as they were beyond my expectations. I had never done so well in my upper secondary days during tests and examinations. I even failed some subjects.

What are the secrets to your success (academic and non-academic) ?

The secrets to my success are having patience and endurance. Despite receiving results that were sometimes below my expectations, I never gave up and worked even harder to make sure that I reach my target for the next test or examination.  Having good time management also allowed me to juggle my studies alongside my duties as the Vice President of the Choir and a student councilor. I apportioned my time accordingly to work on my studies and other responsibilities every day. No doubt, it is challenging, but if you set your mind and have the discipline to do it, you will succeed.

YTSS also gave me a conducive environment to study in. I recall many instances where I would stay in school just to do my revision. Not only is the environment conducive, but there are also many helpful and encouraging teachers around who would go the extra mile to help or motivate me when I’m revising.

Which YTSS value resonates the strongest with you ?

That would have to be resilience. This value has been imbued in me since I was in secondary one and it has helped shape me into who I am today. Whenever I am faced with any challenge, be it in my academia or otherwise, I always fall back on this value, to push me forward and overcome my challenges with grit.

Any advice for your juniors ?

Endure whatever challenges and pain you might feel now, for the success you feel at the end is sweet and that’s all that matters. Receive the advice and work given by your teachers, as they know best and only want the best for you.

Also, when schoolwork becomes hectic, it’s normal to have thoughts of sacrificing CCA or other commitments. Banish this thought! Sharing from my personal experience, being in the YTSS choir has not only deepened my interest in music but also allows me to have a better focus when it comes to revision. This is because the time spent in my CCA helps me to cope with the stress and allows me to feel more recharged and focused for my revision thereafter.