Shelden Lee

Interview with Lee Shelden, who started his YTSS journey as a student in the Normal Technical (NT) stream but with resilience and tenacity, he was transferred to the Normal Academic (NA) stream.  There is no turning back for this YTzen who aspires to start his own business.

Shelden Lee.jpg

What are your thoughts on your stellar N-level results?

I was pleasantly surprised as I didn’t think I would achieve a perfect score for my EMB3. I was particularly worried about my English grade as it would determine my eligibility for the Polytechnic Foundation Programme.

What are the secrets of your success?

Consistency was the key to my success. I would ensure that I completed my assignments on time and pay close attention to my teachers during lessons. Whenever I had doubts in any of my subjects, I would clarify them with my teachers immediately to prevent a backlog of work from accumulating. 

How did you cope with the initial challenges of a lateral transfer?

In my early days of being in a NA class, I faced several challenges which included taking Humanities subjects and English Literature. I didn’t have any exposure to these subjects and was clueless about what to expect in terms of the skills and knowledge that are required. The rigour of the NA curriculum was far greater than that of the NT stream, as concepts in Mathematics and Science are more complex. English and Chinese also demand longer essays and higher levels of comprehension and grammar. Besides academic challenges, there was the challenge of getting adjusted to a new class and teachers. Thankfully, for me, I had supportive teachers who patiently guided me through the curriculum and I made a bunch of really good friends who helped me settle in a new environment.

Can you share some memorable moments in YTSS?

I thoroughly enjoyed the LIFE programme in Secondary 1 as the skills taught were practical and the classes were delivered in a fun and engaging manner. I treasure all the time I spent with my friends as they are the sunshine of my life. 

I’m grateful to all my teachers, particularly my form teacher Mr Chua who was an integral part of my class. He was actively involved in all we did and his presence and support were vital in keeping our spirits up during down times and in propelling us forward during challenges.

Any advice for your juniors?

I would like them to know that no dream is impossible to achieve and the dedicated teachers in YTSS will do their best in making our dreams come true. The YTSS environment is nurturing and makes no distinction between students of different streams. Instead, it provides opportunities for every student to maximise his or her potential. I’ve never felt like I was disadvantaged when I was in the NT stream because of the love, care and support that I was fortunate enough to receive here.