Tan Jie Ling

Interview with Tan Jie Ling, Singapore Schools 44th Colours Award recipient, Scholarship recipient of Singapore Olympic Peter Lim Foundation, Vice President of Student Councillor, who has secured 7As. As a beneficiary of MOE FAS, Jie Ling exemplifies how opportunities are available to all in our meritocratic Singaporean society. Jie Ling is an aspiring policewoman.

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Any thoughts regarding your achievement at the O-level exam ?

It’s such a pleasant surprise! I was actually performing very badly at the end of Secondary 3, the last 3 in my class !

What are the secrets of your success (academic and non-academic) ?

It’s important to set small and achievable goals. For example, instead of studying the whole day for Geography, I set a small goal to study for 1 hour with 15 mins of rest. Once I’ve achieved this goal, it helps to motivate me to go on further.

Second, I’ve made many friends who’ve helped me in one way or another. In student council, my fellow councillors would always step up to help to cover me whenever I’m down for basketball competitions. It’s much appreciated. In basketball, we are a team of 8 girls and we are really tight knitted. No matter how tough and strenuous the training sessions were, we persevered till the end and often find them fulfilling. Other than these strong friendships, the tough physical training also helps me to train my thought processes, to be able to focus and concentrate when I’m working on any task.

How has YTSS played a part in your success ?

I think through basketball, I’ve gained good health which allows me to achieve anything that I set my mind on. If not for basketball, I think I would probably be a couch potato!

In YTSS, we really have a team of dedicated and committed teachers, who never think twice about marking extra assignments and see us for small group coaching.  As all of our teachers are very encouraging, I was never once embarrassed to find them to clarify my doubts.

I think our class is fortunate to have a team of excellent teachers, who are all very sharp in their judgement. They know exactly what our learning needs are and plan for optimal learning experiences. They are also strong teachers who have versatile teaching styles which help us to be engaged constantly.

Which YTSS value resonates the strongest with you ?

It’s resilience for me. Luckily YTSS has inculcated this value in us relentlessly that we should never give up halfway.

Any advice for your juniors ?

Always be positive. Don’t waste your energy on things that are frivolous or things that you can’t change. Once you’re past the tough times, you’ll be a better person. I really like this quote: “Pressure turns coal into diamonds.” Enjoy your time in YTSS !