Tee Shi Ying

Interview with Tee Shi Ying, a bilingual student who has scored distinctions in both English Language and Higher Chinese Language at the 2015 O-level exam. A dance enthusiast, she shares what helped her to strike a balance in life.
Shi Ying.jpg

Any thoughts regarding your achievement at the O-level exam?

I’m thankful for my results as they’re testimony to the amalgamation of efforts and encouragement of many people who include my family, my teachers and my friends. My English and Higher Chinese results took me by surprise as I had initially faced some challenges in these subjects. Obtaining distinctions for these two subjects really made my day!

As a key member of the Chinese Dance, you were heavily involved in numerous performances and competitions. How did you manage the demands of a high-achieving CCA with your studies?

In Secondary 3, I performed for SEASONS! while in my graduating year, I participated in the Singapore Youth Festival. Being in Chinese Dance was great fun because of the company and opportunities offered such as an overseas trip to China where the camaraderie between the dancers blossomed. While the dance rehearsals for each performance saw many hours whiz pass me and had my feet sore and aching, I derived mirth from spending those times with my CCA mates who are my best buddies. Given how tight our schedules were, we knew that time was too precious a commodity to waste. Thus, we formed study groups where we would spend our breaks studying together, egging each other on in our preparation for tests and examinations. 

Which YTSS value resonates the strongest with you?

It would be the value of resilience. Being a dancer means having not just the physical strength to endure hours of gruelling exercises but also an iron mind to persevere through the daily hectic schedule of a student preparing for her O-level exam. There were many times when I felt like giving up because I thought it was beyond me to endure so much. If not for the encouraging words of my form teacher, Ms Chiang, and my fellow dancers, I doubt I would have come this far. Picking myself up after every setback, be it unsatisfactory test results or a body worn by exhaustion, required great resilience that I never thought I had until my teachers and friends perked me up with their gestures of genuine concern.

Any advice for your juniors?

What your school experience turns out to be primarily depends on you. While fulfilling your duties as a student, don’t forget to spend time with your friends as those are the moments that you’ll cherish for life.