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Yee Guan Jie, Ronaldo

Interview with Ronaldo Yee Guan Jie, top student of the 2015 N-level exam, who has obtained a perfect score for his EMB3. 



What are your thoughts on your stellar N-level results?

To be honest, I didn’t think I would be able to achieve a perfect score for my EMB3 as I was doubtful about whether I would score a Grade 1 for English. When the results were released, I was elated, especially since it’s my first time obtaining a Grade 1 for English!

What are the secrets of your success?

I ensured that I embarked on my revision plans early and religiously met the daily revision quota that I had set for myself. During lessons, I would ensure that I paid close attention to what my teachers said and clarify any doubts I had immediately. Last but not least, I would
give myself sufficient practice for every subject so as to hone my skills in tackling examination questions.

How has YTSS played a part in your success?

If there is one distinguishing factor about YTSS that I could name, it would be the teachers. The teachers of YTSS are nothing short of being devoted to their students. From the moment I entered this school, I’ve been blessed to have received the care and guidance of various teachers who have painstakingly guided my classmates and me. 

There are 3 teachers in particular I would like to express my gratitude to - Mr Chua, who was my form teacher for 4 years, Mrs Missel, who taught me English in Sec 4 and Mrs Yap, who taught me Mathematics since Sec 3.

Mr Chua has always been a pillar of support for my class. No matter the activity, Mr Chua was sure to be there, not just to egg us on but also to participate in it with us. As a result, my classmates and I found it easy to relate to Mr Chua, often turning to him for advice.

Mrs Missel is a wonderful teacher who spent hours doing small group coaching with our class. No matter how many times we approached her, she would always help us with our work readily. Mrs Missel is a motherly figure to us, having demonstrated great care and
tenacity in her efforts to help us achieve our best.

Mrs Yap is a teacher who would ensure our well-being, just like a loving mother. Whenever my self-esteem is down, she would encourage me and make me confident again.

Any advice for your juniors?

One should lead a healthy lifestyle to ensure one has a good state of well-being. Enjoy whatever experiences YTSS offers you with your friends as this is the best time to establish friendships that will see you through thick and thin in life. YTSS also has a very caring
teaching fraternity, so there’s no need to feel hesitant about approaching teachers for help.