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Aloysius Yong Cheng Kai

How do you feel about your performance in the ‘O’ Level examinations?

I am very happy with my results. To be honest, I was initially very worried about how I would perform for my languages. Chinese language has always been my weakness from the beginning and I worked very hard to pull up my grades. I managed to get a B3 for my O’ level and I am glad that my hard work has paid off. As for my English, I got a B4 during the Preliminary Examination and I was determined to pull my grades for the O’ level. After many consultation sessions with my English teacher, Ms Tan, who pushed me to realise my full potential, I managed to achieve my target of A1 for English, which I am very proud of.

What do you intend to pursue after receiving your O’ level results?

I would like to go to a Junior College, to pursue the Sciences. Currently, I hope to be able to  enter  Junior College as I feel that the environment is similar to that of Yishun Town Secondary School. However, I am also open to attending other junior colleges as well. In order to help me make a decision and learn more, I visited the various schools’ open houses.

What would you attribute your success to?

To me, consistency is key. I have constantly been revising and making sure that I keep up with my school work. I knew when I started my upper secondary journey that it would be very hard to catch up on my school work once I fall behind. Additionally, I also made it a point to remember all the mistakes that I have made from my daily practices and learnt not to repeat them. 

You have consistently been doing very well since Secondary One. How did you maintain this?

I have to thank my batch mates for always providing me with friendly competition and positive peer pressure. These friendly competitions spurred me to do better in my studies and to keep going. I also place a lot of emphasis and focus on working on my assignments. Many a times, the questions in tests and examinations are similar to those done during assignments. Thus, it is important that that my assignments are done well as it helps to ensure that I am prepared for any test or examination. It is never too late to work hard, so long as you set your mind to it, anything is possible to achieve. Set small realistic goals for yourselves to achieve and let these small achievements be motivation for you to do even better in the future.

Can you share some of the memorable moments that you had in YTSS.

Since Secondary Three, Stacey has been my table partner and we always help each other out during lessons. I remember helping her out with Mathematics and I felt a sense of accomplishment and achievement when I saw how she improved greatly in her understanding of mathematical concepts. 

Any teachers who have inspired you?

I would like to thank my Geography teachers, Ms Wee and Mrs Chong who have both inspired my love and passion for the subject. A lot of people find Geography challenging as it is a content heavy subject, but their passion in teaching the subjects from the heart have inspired me to love what I am learning and want to learn more about Geography.