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Amelia Wong Ke Xin

What was your first reaction towards your results?

In general, I was really happy to get the results I wanted! I am very satisfied that I managed to achieve a set of results that I am proud of.

What do you think motivated you to excel in the ‘O’ Levels after choosing to continue to 5N?

I was disappointed that I did not get go on enter the to Polytechnic Foundation Programme after the release of  my ‘N’ level results. As a result of this, I was not particularly motivated at the start of the year. However, I began to really put in my best effort to do well after I sprained my ankle. Due to the sprain, I was not able to participate in basketball, which was disappointing for me. Since I couldn’t participate, I directed my energy and focus to studying and preparing for the ‘O’ Levels instead. I thought of how I could use this as yet another platform to make my coach proud of me, instead of just doing so through basketball. Therefore, she was one of my main sources of motivation to excel in the national examinations.

Who else encouraged and motivated you to do well in the ‘O’ Levels?

My mother definitely motivated and encouraged me during my ‘O’ level journey. I wanted to make her happy and to feel proud of my achievements. My good friends were there to support and encourage me along the way as well. Shiqi, one of my close friends who also performed well, was one of the few people who constantly pushed me to do my best. Our hard work together finally paid off!