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Fatin Athirah

How do you feel about your results?

I am definitely happy and satisfied to have gotten the set of results I wanted! I am especially pleased that I managed to pass Mathematics because I  have been failing Mathematics since I was in Primary 4. To finally pass the subject is a real achievement!

What motivated you to do well for the ‘O’ Levels?

After the ‘N’ Levels, I did not know what post-secondary courses were suitable for me, thus entering the Polytechnic Foundation Programme was not a wise option. However, at the start of Secondary 5, I finally knew what I wanted to do. My plan was to enter a Child Psychology course in polytechnic and NAFA after. Teachers always say that we need to plan ahead, and students often think that it is not important. However, if you develop a good plan and goal, it will really motivate you to do well. Apart from planning ahead and setting goals for myself, my class, 5N, was a great source of motivation for me. 5N is one of the best classes I have ever been a part of! If it were not for their constant encouragement, it would have been impossible for me to get this far. They are the ones who understand best what it is like to be taking the ‘O’ Levels after the ‘N’ Levels, because we are all experiencing it together. My teachers were obviously great sources of motivation as well. I think the school gave us the best teachers! I would like to especially thank my form teachers, Mr Chua and Ms Nafisah, who believed in me and noticed me whenever I was in a slump. They would talk to me and give me good advice and tough love.

What are the key things you learnt from this ‘O’ Level experience?

It may sound cliché, but as I mentioned earlier, planning ahead is the most valuable thing I learnt. It really helps! Secondly, if you are struggling, always know that someone is there for you and will be there to reach out to you in times of need, even if we do not seem to think so!