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Priscilla Yip

How did you manage your different responsibilities and time?

As the president of the Photography club and part of the school council I had a lot of responsibilities besides my school work. 
Planning in advance helped me prioritise what I needed to do. I would rotate duties with my vice president if i had more pressing council duties to attend to. This was to ensure that I gave equal attention to both. I tried my best to take on the role of supervising when I could so that when I had other duties he could help me out. I managed to allocate time to CCA as well as my studies every day.

It is important for you to get your priorities right. Plan your schedule early so you know exactly what you are required to do and when. Planning in advance is of paramount importance as it helps you be better prepared. Another key to juggling CCA and academics is time management. I would use my time very efficiently. The time taken to travel in the mrt can also be used to revise for tests and that is what I did. It is important to take breaks as well, so you do not feel drained and can focus better. Make use of the little time that you have as it adds up to a lot.

What are the strategies you adopted to keep yourself on task?

Secondary 4 was a very stressful year for all of us I knew that I had to give my best. I deleted all the games on my phone and made to do lists, everyday which I tried my best to adhere to. Although I was very focussed and used whatever time I got to study, I did take short breaks and watched cartoon shows in order to relieve stress. It is important to find a way to relieve your stress but make sure it is not as time consuming.

I also asked for help. I approached my teachers and went for regular consultations. That helped a lot. Especially for combined humanities. After consultations u get to know where u are going wrong and that helps a lot. I also formed study groups with my friends so we could study together and motivate each other. When I did badly for Physics, which happens to be my favourite subject, I decided that I had to do better. I would go to the Woodlands library to study. I would switch off my Wi-Fi so that there was nothing to distract me. I tried to sleep 7 hours a day so that I would be able to focus in class and not feel sleepy.