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Shivani Mehta

You did not do well for prelims and you were asked to drop subjects but you refused to do so, what were your reasons?

I wasn’t sure about my ambition in life, so I wanted a lot of options in the future. I felt that why should I drop subjects when I can work harder and do better. I believed in myself.

My parents and my older sister also pushed me to believe in myself. They believed in me more that I believed in myself. My parents told me that giving up on something is not the way to go forward. My family was very supportive during this phase and they gave examples of people who had faced much greater downfalls than I did and how they succeeded in life. These downfalls were not necessarily academic. These stories helped me believe that I could achieve anything if I set my mind to it because I had so much love and so many people believing in me.

It also helped me realise that I was not the only one who was facing disappointment in life, others had faced it too and had risen above their difficulties and I could too, if I tried hard enough. Perseverance is key and I persevered because I wanted to make my parents proud.

After my results were released, I was happy to see that my targets were met. I managed to do much better compared to my prelim results so I am happy about the improvement that I have shown.

What kept you motivated and helped you succeed despite the seemingly bleak results?

Ms Goh Chai Peng, my Year master played a big role in my improvement. She gave me lots of tips to help me get over my fears, it helped as I felt that someone had my back and that helped me be more determined and confident.

I tried to surround myself with positive people and that inspired me to strive towards my goals. Hearing words of encouragement had a great impact on me. Instead of sinking into depression and having negative thoughts I began to ask myself what I could do to succeed. My parents showed so much faith in me that I wanted to excel just to make them proud.

I spoke to my teachers and my friends who thought that I could achieve my academic goals and just because they thought I could I started believing that I could. I now feel that if you can manage to make yourself believe that you can do something, half the battle is won.