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Stacey Tay

How do you feel about your results?

Overall, I am happy with my results. I didn’t think that I would do well for my Sciences but it turned out better than expected. I used to either fail or had borderline passes for my Sciences, so I am very happy that I have gotten a B4 for both my Pure Physics and Chemistry. Also, for my Mathematics, I have always achieved a highest of C6 for both Additional and Elementary Mathematics, but I managed to get a B3 and an A2 respectively. This is an achievement for me and I would like to thank my Science and Mathematics teachers for always believing and not giving up on me.

What do you intend to pursue after receiving your O’ level results?

I would like to pursue a Diploma in an Arts course, in a polytechnic. As to which polytechnic I would like to go to, I am still exploring my options and am going to use the next few days to carefully pick a polytechnic of my choice.

What are the secrets of your success?

I believe that hard work and having a strong believe in myself are what helped me to succeed. When I started out in Secondary 3, I did not do well and I thought that being successful was out of my reach. I was quite down and had no faith in myself. However, my form teacher Ms Ng and my Basketball teacher Ms Khng never gave up on me. In fact, they believed in my potential and ability to succeed and told me that so long as I put in good effort and hard work, I will reap the successes. Their believe in me motivated and spurred me to eventually believe in myself. Once I started to believe in myself, I realised how differently I viewed failure. Instead of allowing my failures to define me, I used my failures as teachable moments and worked even harder.

How has YTSS played a part in your success?

I am very thankful and grateful for the opportunity to study in Yishun Town Secondary School (YTSS). With my aggregate score after PSLE, I did not meet the cut off point for YTSS so I tried to appeal into YTSS as I really wanted to study here and was given an opportunity to do so after an interview. This opportunity led me to believe that YTSS saw my potential to excel. Therefore, I could not give up and had to unleash the potential in me.

Any advice for your juniors?

Study hard, but remember to play hard too. Do not only start studying at the last minute, but be conscientious right from Secondary One, as this helps you to close up your learning gaps quickly. There will be times when life gets hectic, and that’s when you need to learn to plan your time wisely. Be sure to prioritise your academics and you will see results. Lastly, never lose hope and always believe in yourself.