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Wong Shi Qi

What was the main motivation to do well for the O Level examinations?

One of my main sources of motivation was my teachers. They have always had very high expectations of me since I was in Secondary 1 and I did not want to disappoint them. After all, I told myself that I was already almost at the end of my secondary school journey, I had already worked for four years and it was just one more year of hard work left, so why waste that last year by throwing it all away?

My older brother, Wong Zi Xiang, who is currently in polytechnic was also from Yishun Town Secondary School, and another source of inspiration. Maybe it’s sibling rivalry but in a good way – I engage with my brother to keep me motivated and encouraged to work harder and better than he did.


What will you be pursuing now that you’ve done well in the O Level Examinations?

I have been accepted into a Business Administration programme through EAE. It has been something that I’ve wanted to do since I was in Secondary 4. I’ve always known that I’m not good at Science-related courses, but good with numbers so I thought that Business Administration would be the best thing for me. I also chose this course of study because I think I can do a lot of different things with this skill set. 

What tips do you have for students who are sitting for their O Level examinations this year?

School work is easy if you can learn how to manage your time better. It’s important to do important things first, such as homework and revising for tests and examinations before you move on to something else. When it comes to tests and examinations, it is important to prepare early and to avoid doing last minute revision as it will not help you in any way.