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Beyond Classroom Week

Secondary One Beyond Classroom Week 2016

It was the first time that the Secondary Ones were going through the Beyond Classroom week which was filled with new and exciting activities. The newly minted Secondary One students had ample opportunities to experience new learning through interactive and hands-on activities.The programmes for the level started with the Mathematics Trail in Changi Airport. It was a wonderful learning opportunity for students to apply Mathematics to what they experience and see in the Changi Airport. Learning comes alive and becomes relevant to them as they go through the designated stations that discussed mathematical concepts such as estimation and symmetry.

On their second day, the cohort went for an art appreciation tour in the Singapore Art Museum. The students were enthusiastic and found out more about the local artists and their works. It was important for the Secondary One students to develop an appreciation for the Arts so that they would see learning beyond their books, understand that it will help them to make sense of the world and broadens their minds.

We ended the fun-filled week with the level sandcastle-building activity which tested the Secondary Ones on their creativity, resilience and teamwork. They braved the heat to make beautiful sandcastles that projected their idea of how Yishun Town will be in 30 years’ time. Many of the students worked on portraying the idea of an excellent school with many differentiated programmes which extended beyond the normal programmes that we have. It was indeed a fulfilling week for everyone!

Secondary Two Beyond Classroom Week 2016

The BC week was indeed a good time for the Sec 2 YTzens to practise their level motto—“Be the Change!”  The Sec 2 Adventure Camp was a timely call for them to step out of the comfort zone to conquer their fears; fear of heights, fear of water, and fear of sleeping in tents!  It was a good experience for all of them—walking in the rain, doing things in quick time like bathing and eating, walking carefully across 6 to 7 kayaks to change positions and preparing a meal outdoors.  The activities helped the classes to bond better as they cheered and rallied their friends who were less adventurous or were fearful of heights or just did not know what to do to challenge their limits.

Their next challenge was the Heritage Trail. The trail is a Sec 2 signature programme where we saw both History and Geography come alive at the Labrador Park. Students have learnt a lot from the enactment of scenes from the Second World War for their historical investigation. While Geographers had to use the map and compasses and bring their teams from point to point using skills they have learnt.

Secondary Three Beyond Classroom Week 2016

For our Secondary 3 YTzens, this year’s highlight for BC week is the 4-day-3-night Adventure Camp on the sunny, southern coast of Singapore - Camp Challenge at Sentosa from 26 to 29 January.  

In line with the level theme: Unleashing potential, challenging the impossible, the theme for the camp is to “Challenge the Impossible”.   The level was put to the test with activities which are both physically and mentally challenging.  The camp included a 15km trek, a night Trail, Sand Castle Challenge with a twist with Raft building Challenge and the Incredible ‘Hourglass’ High Elements.   Our Sec 3 cohort has risen to the occasion and demonstrated grit, initiative and teamwork. More importantly, the camp took them one step forward in their journey of self-discovery; from facing and conquering their fears to learning more about their strengths and weaknesses when working with the various challenges. Even the teachers were also challenged to conquer the impossible when they joined in all the activities.  

The vibrant energy of the Secondary 3 YTzens ended the camp with a highly energised campfire with the entertaining and excellent class performances. The atmosphere on the island of Sentosa was ablaze with the enthusiasm, spontaneity and unity of the level.


Secondary Four and Five Beyond Classroom Week 2016

The Sec 4 and 5 level participated in many exciting and enriching programmes during the Beyond Classroom Week from 25 th to 29 th January 2016 that were in line with the level theme “Chase Your Dreams”. The programmes aim to develop the Sec 4 and 5 YTzens into confident leaders who have dreams and who are determined and motivated to chase their dreams and turn their dreams into a reality. Through the programmes, the Sec 4 and 5 YTzens developed competencies in self-management, self-management and decision making to prepare themselves for post-secondary education and careers.

The Sec 4NA YTzens participated actively and showed as strong class and level spirit in the activities such as Escape Hunt, high elements, amazing race and dragon boating that was conducted during the 2D1N Camp at the HomeTeamNS (Bukit Batok). The Sec 4NT YTzens visited the very informative National Gallery and had a fun dragon boating experience at Kallang Basin. The Sec 4E YTzens attended a Study Skills and Time Management Workshop to learn effective study and time management techniques. The 5N YTzens had an experiential GIC Safehouse Programme to understand about reserve management and long-term investing. Sec 4E3 had an eye-opening experience at the research institutes at Fusionworld that showcases the many award-winning inventions and cutting edge in-house and industry-collaboration prototypes created by A*STAR's research institutes. Sec 4E4, 4E7 and 4T8 attended the unique workshop “The Cool Factor” / “Barbed and Bloated” Workshop at Gardens by the Bay to understand the various adaptions and to recognise the creative use of design for long-term conservation and sustainability at Gardens by the Bay.

All the Sec 4 YTzens attended a Career Search Skills, Image Management and Social Etiquette Workshop to learn about their career interests, some tools and resources for searching information on careers and post-secondary education, portfolio building, resume writing and interviewing skills, ways to project good image and social etiquette.

The “Future of Us” Exhibition near the Gardens by the Bay that was attended by all the Sec 4 and 5 YTzens was indeed an immersive and multi-sensory experience that offered a glimpse into the possibilities of how the lives of Singaporeans will be like in the future.  

All Sec 4 and 5 YTzens also participated in an inspiring and informative Career Day programme at the Nanyang Polytechnic to gain knowledge and understanding on how to make informed decisions of their post-secondary education or career choices. The Career Day programme includes sharing by the keynote speaker Mr Santokh Singh, Director of Communications and Outreach Nanyang Polytechnic and Career Seminars by speakers from industries and professions such as accountancy, entrepreneurship, science and research, engineering, design, media and Psychology and course advising. The course advising activity, another highlight of the Career Day programme, was a very beneficial session for YTzens whereby YTzens had the valuable opportunity to interact with the lecturers from Nanyang Polytechnic to know more about the courses that they are interested in.