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Values-in-Action is another important aspect of the exhibition of the values that are taught and caught by the students and staff in the daily processes of Teaching and Learning. There is a specific platform in the formative stages of the student towards the exhibition of values inculcated throughout their Schooling and Teaching life. These particular activities aim to consolidate the awareness and opportunities for service to others, imperative in the internalisation of the requisite altruism expected of every YTzen. The eventual outcome is to enable each and every student and staff to realise and make full use of the possibilities for Values-in-Action in their daily lives to benefit the lives of others, fulfilling the VIA Vision of “Helping others, Helping yourself”.

Youth Social Entrepreneurship Programme 2013

Youth Social Entrepreneurship is an approach to providing youth with a voice in solving social problems.  This year, our Secondary Four and Five students were involved in YTSS’s first-ever Youth Social Entrepreneurship Programme.  They learnt the basics of business, drew up business plans to maximise profit and returns, created products for sale and most importantly, made a positive return to society by channeling the profits to various beneficiaries.

“We organised a mini bazaar and raised about $1000 for Thye Hua Kwan Moral Societies in Choa Chu Kang.  Through visits to the centre, we have greater understanding about the life of an elderly.  It was encouraging when we saw the smiles on their faces.”
(Class 4E3)

“4E5’s beneficiary was Toa Payoh Care Corner Student Care Centre.   We raised funds by selling homemade cookies and mobile phone covers that we personally designed.   Through our efforts, we managed to raise about $1300 to purchase a projector and a laptop for the centre to aid the children in their learning”.
(Class 4E5)

Art Club VIA Project 2013

Together with Northwest CDC, our Art Club conducted a Batik Workshop at Christalite Methodist Home on 22 February and 22 March. 
The objective of the workshop was for the Secondary Two and Three Art Club members to contribute to the community with the skills that they have learned.   The elderly enjoyed a leisurely afternoon learning to make batik artworks and were very pleased with their beautiful batik pieces.  Our YTzens also had fun interacting with the elderly. 

“I was able to teach the elderly how to do batik and I felt that it was an enriching experience.  They chatted with me when I complimented their works.  I hope our visit helped brighten up their day.”
Nabihah (Class 2E4)

Chess Club @ My First Skool

On 30 July 2013, the YTSS Chess Club organised a chess introductory session at My First Skool (Sembawang) for a group of 20 children at the K2 level, with the aim of exposing the children to Chess sport.  During the session, our YTzens conducted Chess lessons, followed by a mini competition for the young learners. 
Both our YTzens and the young learners enjoyed themselves thoroughly.  It was a memorable day, where the YTSS Chess club displayed their resilience towards challenges and contributed to the learning of the future generation.
"The children that we met at My First Skool were very welcoming and talented.  Many of them already knew how to set up the chess board and some even knew how to play. Overall, we learnt to appreciate the joy and the patience needed to teach a skill.”
Rakesh Rao (3E7)
“Through this VIA activity, I am pleased to observe that our Chess Club members have demonstrated their leadership ability, and further honed their planning and execution skills which they have learnt in school. They have also learnt that giving back to the society can be both enjoyable and meaningful.”
Ms Choo Li Chin Lily
“During the session, I observed that our Chess Club members were jovial and warm towards the children around them. The members also patiently taught the fidgety children how to arrange the chess pieces and have a mini competition with them. All in all, the members have shown great confidence as well as resilience in preparing and executing the VIA activity.”
Mdm Fadzilah Matin

Drama Club @ Huamin Primary School

Term 3 saw the launch of a pilot VIA initiative in YTSS Drama Club that involved a collaboration between YTSS Drama Club and Huamin Primary School’s Learning Support Programme (LSP).  In this novel effort, Drama Club members spent four Tuesday afternoons with the LSP pupils, piquing their interest in reading through a variety of activities such as show-and-tell, poetry recital and finger puppetry.  The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the activities and appreciated the efforts put in by the Drama Club members. The members also prepared their own reading materials and props for this project, unleashing their creative potential.
“I loved reading with the children. They were very eager to read along with me. Through this programme, I’ve learnt that we have to be very patient with children, especially since they get distracted really easily.”
Nur Hana Sufiyah Bte Osman (1E7)
“I loved the fact that I could have the opportunity to interact with children. It was an enriching experience but I now realise how difficult it is to teach young children. Through this programme, I’ve also learnt more about myself and the areas that I can improve.”
Ng De Nian (2E4)
“I found the programme beneficial for both our students and the pupils of HMPS. It was a wonderful platform for our students to develop qualities like patience, working cooperatively and effective listening as they had to interact with young children.  For the pupils of Huamin, it was an excellent opportunity for them to learn new words through fun ways such as finger puppets and to build their confidence through an array of activities.”
Miss Azeena Badarudeen