Chinese Dance

Yishun Town Chinese Dance (YTCD) aims to nurture passionate and confident dancers with a strong appreciation for the performing arts. Through vigorous trainings and high discipline standards, dancers learn to be resilient and set high standards for themselves. YTCD has participated in many internal and external performances which have served as platforms for our dancers to boost their confidence and gain exposure to a variety of genres.


Our dancers participated in the 2017 Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) and clinched the highest accolade, the coveted Certificate of Distinction. The girls encouraged each other when the club morale was low, worked painstakingly to perfect every step and were relentless in their pursuit of excellence.  Their performance was so astounding that it moved many members of the audience to tears. This year’s SYF dance item titled The Beat, is characterised by the use of a traditional musical box from the Yi tribe in China. The dance embodies varying body movements to express graceful yet powerful moves representative of the Yi tribe. The dance is accompanied by the rhythmic flicking and fast paced beats of the musical box, showcasing the energy and spirit that resonates within the Yi tribe.  The dancers moved to the rhythm of the music with passion and precision, mesmerising everyone.

 Apart from school performances, the dancers were invited to perform at several prestigious events throughout the year, such as the HDB Bursary Award Ceremony 2017 and the Nee Soon East Mid-Autumn and Children’s Day celebration. The dancers also participated in 24th World Youth Singapore “Golden Lion Award” Dance Competition where they won over the judges and clinched the Gold Award. The dancers also have an annual camp where they challenged themselves by putting up several self-choreographed dance performance and bonded through games and physical trainings.

 Values In Action Outreach

The dancers visited several old folks’ homes to put up performances for the elderly. They were also invited to perform in a Mid- Autumn Festival celebration organised by the West Coast GRC. Our dancers practised hard, capturing the audiences’ hearts with their genuine performance. These programmes and performances have brought out the best in the dancers, allowing them to find a place between living their passion for dance and bringing joy to others, all while practising active citizenship. 

The dancers have also attended dance workshops and performances of different genres, exposing them to different genres of dance and maximising their mearning.

Through all these performances, our dancers were able to showcase their talents, truly displaying their unwavering passion for dance.






2017 Singapore Youth Festival

Certificate of Distinction


2015 Singapore Youth Festival

Certificate of Distinction


2013 Singapore Youth Festival

Certificate of Distinction


2011 Singapore Youth Festival

Gold with Honours Award