YTSS Voices and Chorale aims to develop well-rounded members who appreciate choral singing, music and various arts forms. To develop each and every member to be a Confident, Responsible and Caring Chorister and holding closely to them the mission “United We Stand,  Divided We Fall” to remind them the importance of working together as a team.

This year, our choir participated in the Singapore Youth Festival 2017 and was awarded the Certificate of Distinction. We have exposed them to different enrichment courses such as Hip-Hop Dance which promotes their passion for music.

To develop our members’ passion and interest in singing, they attended a Masterclass conducted by Mr Toh Ban Sheng, an award-winning choral conductor where students learnt different choral techniques and understand the power of the human voice which could convey a big reservoirs of emotions and colours

 Choir Teacher-in-Charge: Ms Lu Shi jia, Ms Stefanie Loh, Ms Teo Hui Wen






Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation 2017

Certificate of Distinction


Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation 2015

Certificate of Distinction


Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation 2013

Certificate of Distinction


Musica Bratislava Sacra Competition (2012)

Gold diploma with 27/30 points (Winner of Category)


Singapore Youth Festival 2011 Central Judging

Gold Award