The Yishun Town Drama Club (YTDC) aims to develop members into confident individuals who can express themselves in a variety of ways. The training sessions focus on various skills and drama techniques such vocal presentation and characterisation. Besides developing skills in members, the training given to them also helps to build camaraderie among them, strengthening the sense of affinity they have for the club.

Besides taking part in the biannual Singapore Youth Festival Competition, the YTDC has staged performances in the school’s external performing arts concert Seasons! 3 and 4 in 2014 and 2016 respectively. Selected members also hone their talents in the annual National Story Challenge competition organised by Theatre Practice, with the aim to give them a valuable exposure to external competitions. They are required to present an impromptu skit of about four minutes based on given titles with minimum props.

YTDC is also a CCA that believes in giving back to the community. In conjunction with Singapore Nurses’ Day, YTDC produced its own script and performed a play for the nurses at the Sree Narayana Mission Home to show appreciation to these caregivers for their patience and dedication.   

To promote the love for the arts and to help members to hone their craft, annual learning experiences are designed to enrich themselves. Trips to the Esplanade were organised for the members to watch performances by other secondary schools and a few theatre groups at the Peer Pleasure, Youth Annual Drama performance. This year, the club attended a musical appreciation event: Letters to ITE.






2017 Singapore Youth Festival

Certificate of Accomplishment 


2015 Singapore Youth Festival

Certificate of Distinction


National Story Challenge 2014  

Finalist (Top 6 out of 62 teams)  


2013 Singapore Youth Festival

Certificate of Distinction


2011 Singapore Youth Festival

Silver Award