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Yishun Town Art Club (YTAC)

IIn line with our school’s mission to nurture active citizens who make a difference in the lives of others, Yishun Town Art Club (YTAC) believes that “Art is for Sharing” achieve this goal. Over the years, contribute to meaningful community art projects such as PassionArts event, The Rainbow Chairity Project and Yellow Ribbon Community Art Exhibition. Beneficiaries of our projects include Rainbow Centre and Thye Hwa Kuan Wellness Centre. Their involvement in these projects develops them into socially conscious citizens who share the value of art with the society.

For enrichment, Art Club members learn water colour painting, ceramics and printmaking from artists during the workshops.  Learning journeys to art galleries such as Singapore Tyler Print Institute help members understand the process of art-making better, while visits to museums and art fairs provide exposure for our members to the world of art. Members also had the opportunity to work with international artist, Daisuke Takeya on his travelling art exhibition, Fieldtrip Project.

SensaYTion Art Exhibition is a biennial event where members organize and exhibit their artworks in a public space. The experience gave them a sense of ownership and pride in making beautiful artworks for the public’s viewing pleasure. Participations in various art competitions such as Singapore Youth Festival, Yellowren Canvas Art Competition and Chinatown Mid-Autumn Festival Lantern Painting Competition build their confidence and provide members with opportunities to collaborate.

YTAC develops members holistically, shaping characters and nurturing the soul. It is a journey of self-discovery with rich experiences.


Children and Teens Sculpture Competition - Participation  

Chinatown Mid-Autumn Festival Lantern Painting Competition -  Participation