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Global Classroom

The uniqueness of YTSS Curriculum is enhanced with cross cultural experiences where YTzens are given the opportunity for learning not just beyond the classroom but also beyond the local context.

Through the overseas learning journeys, YTzens acquire knowledge of the cultural and language context, gain exposure to the various educational systems, learn to be independent, collaborate with their team mates on related projects.

YTzens’ learning starts before the trips as they go through briefings and workshops as part of their preparation to facilitate the acquisition of background knowledge, which will in turn enhance their experiences during the trip. Thereafter, YTzens consolidate their learning and share their experiences with their YTzens through presentations at school-based platforms. 

In 2015, 3 groups of students went for the overseas fieldtrips ( Melbourne, Perth and Beijing). While the Melbourne trip has an aesthetic focus, the group that went for the Perth Fieldtrip had an adventure component where they did rock climbing and abseiling. Students who went for the Beijing trip had an enriching cultural programme with one of our twinning schools, Beijing Shangdi Experimental Middle School. 

Through these trips, students have an awareness of the different schools’ programmes through a wide spectrum of exchange activities for the teachers and students such as interaction sessions and cultural immersion sessions. Overall, these fieldtrips have allowed students to gain meaningful experiences, to embrace and appreciate the diversity around them.