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The following are mandatory Rules that all YTSS Pupils must observe.

1.        National Anthem and Pledge

Pupils who are Singapore citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the Pledge with the right fist over their heart. Due respect must be shown by ALL Pupils during the Ceremony.

2.      School Uniform

                2.1  Students are to wear the prescribed school uniform and no modification is allowed

                2.2  Students must wear the school uniform smartly at all times.

                2.3  Students must not wear jewellery, ornaments or any other accessories while they are in school uniform.

                2.4  Female students are allowed to wear only one matching pair of silver plain circular ear studs not exceeding 0.2cm in                              diameter on the ear lobes and female students not wearing ear studs may wear only 1 matching pair of ear sticks. Any                           type of earrings is not allowed.

                2.5  Students must be properly attired in school PE Attire comprising the school PE T-shirt and school PE shorts with                                   appropriate shoes for PE lessons.

                                 (Refer to the YTSS Physical Education rules for details on accepted attire during PE days.)

                2.6  Students must wear the approved school socks with the “YTSS” emblem above the ankle joint.

                2.7  Students must wear either predominantly white-based canvas shoes or any type of sports shoes that are non-luminous or                        flashy in design. Shoelaces must not be luminous. Dress or court shoes are not allowed. 



3.         Attendance and Punctuality

                2.1  Students must be punctual for ALL school activities.

                2.2  Students must report to school by 7.25am every day EXCEPT Wednesdays on which they are to report by 8.30am                           UNLESS otherwise instructed.

                2.3  Students who are absent from any school activity must produce medical certificates / official documentary proof of                               absence. Absence without valid proof will result in disciplinary action taken.

                2.4  Students leaving the school premises during curriculum hours must seek the approval of their Form Teacher or Year                               Master.

                2.5  Students must have at least 90% attendance in Semester I and II for eligibility to sit for the examinations and to be                               included in the year-end promotion exercise. Reason(s) for absence will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

4.           Personal Grooming 

                4.1  Students must be well groomed at all times. This includes

                        a)      Tidy and smart appearance with shirts / blouses / T-shirts neatly tucked in.

                        b)      Neatly trimmed and clean fingernails. (No nail polish)

                4.2  Students must have well-groomed hair that is not dyed, highlighted, tinted or chalked. No use of hair gel, wax or mousse                        allowed.

                4.3  Students must not have tattoos or henna on any part of their bodies including any kind of body piercing or any form of                           makeup products.

                4.4  Students wearing spectacles must only wear dark coloured frames. Coloured or pupil-enhancing contact lenses are not                           allowed.

                4.5  Boys must maintain a decent hairstyle of short length with a slope at the back. Fringe must not be kept beyond the                               eyebrows.    

                4.6  Boys must be clean-shaven. Facial hair (moustache, beard or sideburns) is not allowed.

                4.7  Girls with hair touching their collars must keep their hair neatly tied up using dark coloured hair clips or hair bands.

                4.8  Girls must comb and pin their fringe neatly behind their ears and not allow the fringe to hang loosely in front. 

5.       School and Public Property

5.1 Students must do their part to maintain the state of cleanliness in the School premises.
5.2 Students must not vandalise School or public property.
5.3 Students must handle with care all furniture and equipment in the School and return them to their proper place after use.

6.         Conduct

              6.1  Classroom / Special Rooms / Laboratories

                        6.1.1        Students must always maintain a conducive learning environment in the classroom.

                        6.1.2        Students must keep noise to a minimum and proceed in an orderly manner when moving from one place to                                           another.

              6.2  Canteen

                        6.2.1        Students must not consume food and drinks beyond the designated eating areas except for plain / mineral                                            water.

                        6.2.2        Students must queue in an orderly manner for food and drinks.

                        6.2.3        Students must return all eating utensils in the receptacles provided and keep the tables and chairs clean after                                         their meals.

                        6.2.4        Litter must be disposed of properly.

            6.3  Staff Room

                        6.3.1        Students must not enter the staff rooms or HOD room unless accompanied by a teacher AT ALL                                            TIMES.

            6.4  School Facilities

                        6.4.1        Students are not allowed to use restricted facilities such as the school hall, CPA rooms, IT rooms and other                                            special rooms EXCEPT with the permission and presence of the teacher-in-charge.

                      6.4.2        Students must adhere to the specific rules pertaining to the use of the particular school facility.

7.       Use of Electronic Items

                    7.1  Students are to use the following electronic items ONLY during recess or after curriculum hours unless otherwise                                 instructed by the teacher:

                                    a)      Computing device

                                    b)      Portable audio equipment

                                    c)      Mobile phone or any other communication device

The above devices must be kept OUT OF SIGHT during curriculum hours.

                        7.2  Students must switch off or turn to silent mode all mobile phones during curriculum time.

Violation of the above rules will result in disciplinary action and confiscation of the offending devices up to 30 days.

8.      Social Media Rules & Etiquette

(Refer to YTSS ICT rules for details on accepted conduct for students with regard to all types of communication, postings or pictures on the internet.)

9.      Banned Items

            The following items are banned in the school.
                       a)      Inhalant substances

                       b)      Pornographic materials

                       c)      Chewing gum / bubble gum

                       d)     Cigarettes or any tobacco products (including e-cigarettes)

                       e)      Smart-watches (with/without communication ability)

                        f)       Poker cards or other gambling paraphernalia that promotes gambling

                        g)      Weapons e.g. knives, metal rods or any other items that may cause grievous hurt to others

                        h)      Lighters / inflammable substances e.g. petrol, kerosene, gas cylinders and other hazardous materials                                       that pose a potential danger to both the school environment and property

Any of the above items found in the student's possession will be confiscated and disciplinary action taken against the offender. 


There are three forms of consequences in varying degrees of severity that will be administered to a student who has committed any offence:

1. Minor Offences and Consequences

                   1.1  Students are liable for a reprimand if they commit any of the following offences:

                            a)      Improper grooming

                            b)      Latecoming for school activities

                            c)      Persistent non-submission / late submission of assignment(s)

                            d)     Other minor offences - failure to return utensils after eating, littering, etc.


                   1.2  Students repeatedly committing an offence will be deemed recalcitrant and liable for escalation to the                                  next level of consequences.

2. Major Offences and Consequences

                2.1  Students will be liable for suspension and/or caning (for boys) if they commit any of the following                                       offences:

                                    a)      Truancy

                                    b)      Gambling

                                    c)      Vandalism

                                    d)     Fighting / hooliganism

                                    e)      Use of abusive language / gestures

                                    f)       Possession of banned items (Rule A9)

                                    g)      Defiance and rudeness to school staff

                                    h)      Infringement of internet rules and etiquette

                                    i)        Smoking / possession of cigarettes / lighter

                                    j)        Any form of bullying (physical, verbal or cyber)

                                    k)      Possession of pornographic / inappropriate materials

                                    l)        Theft / cheating / forgery or any act resulting in loss of integrity

3. Recalcitrance and Consequences

                 1.1  Students are liable for expulsion if they commit the following:

                                    a)      Wilful absenteeism.

                                    b)      Refusal to accept school consequences meted.

                                    c)      Repeatedly committing offences listed in B2.1.

Offences not listed here will be handled by the school on a case-by-case basis.

The school reserves full discretion on any consequences meted out.


These Rules and Consequences serve as a guide and are subject to review by the School Management.

Rules and Consequences pertaining to specific matters on various aspects of School activities will be issued by the School as and when necessary to supplement or reinforce the existing set of School Rules and Consequences.


1. Conduct marks are awarded to a Pupil to reflect his / her attributes and general conduct throughout each of the two semesters in a School year. Pupils will be appraised in the following areas which constitute the Values of the School:                                        a)    Integrity
                        b)    Respect
                        c)    Gratitude
                        d)    Resilience

2. Observation of the above areas will be reflected alongside the conduct grades in the student’s progress report according to the table below:
1 Demonstrated very strongly
 2 Demonstrated strongly 
 3 Demonstrated adequately 
 4 Demonstrated to some extent 
 5 Not demonstrated (not observed) 

3. Conduct marks are the average of the marks given by three Teachers of the class and approved by the HOD PE / CCA, YM and Head PMD.

4.  Grades will be awarded according to the table below:

 Very Good

5. When a student commits any of the offences outlined in B2.1 or B3.1, his / her conduct marks will not be better than Fair. Failure to attend School events or non-participation in CCA will also result in a Fair conduct grade being awarded.

ICT Usage Rules
1          All students are to comply with the following when using ICT equipment, facilities and services.
            1.1     Classrooms
                      1.1.1    Students are not allowed to use the ICT systems in the classroom without explicit permission from their teachers.
                      1.1.2    Students are to ensure that the ICT systems are powered off before leaving the classroom.
            1.2       Computer Laboratory / Library Annex
                      1.2.1    Students must not bring in food and beverages to the computer labs and library annex.
                      1.2.2    No student is allowed in the computer labs unless there is a school staff (eg. teacher, general office staff, ICT                                     trainer, etc) present.
                      1.2.3    Students must sign in with the librarian before usage of the library annex and all bags are to be deposited in the                                     storage space provided outside the library annex.
                      1.2.4    Students must check the ICT equipment for damages before usage and report all damages to the school staff                                     present immediately, failing which the student may be held accountable for the discovered damage after the                                         session.
                      1.2.5    Students are not allowed to use the computer labs for gaming, social media and internet surfing for personal                                         interest.
                      1.2.6    Students must ensure that all computing devices and ICT system are powered off before leaving the computer                                      labs / library annex.
            1.3      Usage of mobile carts, iPads and other ICT equipment.
                      1.3.1    All loan requests by students will not be entertained. Only school staff will be allowed to request for and sign out                                     ICT equipment.
                      1.3.2    It is the student’s responsibility to check all equipment for usability upon receipt and report all damages to the                                     school staff immediately. Failure to do so may result in the student being held responsible for the damages                                             sustained by the ICT equipment.
            1.4      IAMS account
                      1.4.1    Students are responsible for all usage of their account.
                      1.4.2    Students are not allowed to share their accounts. Should there be any abuse and/or misuse due to sharing                                              of accounts, the owner of the account will be held liable for the misdeed in addition to the perpetrator.
                      1.4.3     Students are to approach the school general office (receptionist) or technical assistant for locked account or                                          password reset.
            1.5       Social Media Rules & Etiquette

            These rules apply to all types of communication, postings or pictures on the Internet:    
                      1.5.1    Students are to uphold the school values in the use of the internet.
                      1.5.2    Students must not use the internet to post unsubstantiated, insensitive, insulting or hostile materials or                                                 information against anyone, including the school, teaching and non-teaching staff and YTzens.
                      1.5.3    Students must respect others and show responsibility by thinking carefully before giving comments. Do not use                                     any form of vulgarities or expletives. This includes the suggestion of vulgarities or expletives, for example, writing                                  the first letter of the word and replacing the rest of the letters with symbols or dashes.
                      1.5.4    Students must not break any copyright law.
                      1.5.5    Students must not post or access materials with pornographic or inappropriate content.

2          All students’ usage of ICT equipment, facilities and services are subjected to the predating YTSS Rules:
                       2.1       Paragraph 5: School and Public Property;
                       2.2       Paragraph 6.4: School facilities; and
                       2.3       Paragraph 7: Use of electronic items.

3          All damages and abuse of services are to be reported immediately to the teacher-in-charge.