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Pupil Welfare

Resilient YTzens who are enriched in character and motivated to give their best

Mission: To provide guidance and support for social and emotional learning of all YTzens in order for them to become resilient individuals of fine character, capable of realising their aspirations and making positive contributions to society

The department designs and delivers pastoral care programmes to provide a caring, safe and conducive environment in enabling YTzens to learn and grow intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally.


    • Design and implement programmes to develop YTzens’ character and build their social and emotional skills
    • Provide support for the psychosocial needs of YTzens
    • Provide specialised support for YTzens with special needs
    • Provide education and career guidance to help YTzens make informed decisions on post-secondary education and future career choices
    • Strengthen the culture of care to enhance school environment and encourage good behaviour
    • Provide financial and material assistance for the needy students


1.      Comprehensive Education & Career Guidance (ECG) Programme for Sec 1 – 5 YTzens
A comprehensive Education & Career Guidance Programme is implemented for Sec 1 – 5 YTzens throughout the year. This Programme includes class-based ECG lessons, profiling of YTzens’ strengths and interests, career counselling, talks on post-secondary education and careers and visits to post-secondary educational institutions and industries.

2.      Counselling Services
Counselling by the school counsellors or external social workers is provided for YTzens who face general or personal challenges that affect them emotionally, behaviourally and/or cognitively.

3.       Class-based Group Work
The Class-based Group Work Programme is implemented for identified classes to provide opportunities for YTzens to know one another better, create platforms for YTzens to engage in positive interactions, develop YTzens’ social and emotional competencies, build YTzen’s self-esteem and foster class spirit. The Class-based Programme also serves as a platform for form teachers and social workers to reach out and connect with the students who are at-risk.

4.       Drop in (Transitional) Programme 
The Drop in (Transitional) Programme aims to provide a place in school for the lower secondary YTzens to relax after school and to engage them through a wide range of fun-filled and community bonding activities after school. This Programme addresses YTzens’ needs by adopting an integrated approach of an outreach and preventive measure. It provides a safe avenue for YTzens to hangout and interact. Through activities such as “The Art of the Comic Strip” and “The 24-Piece Puzzle Challenge”, YTzens learn skills such as turn-waiting, interactions, social skills, conflict management and leadership.

5.       My Life Programme
My Life Programme is a special programme to benefit all YTzens from the N(T) Course in each school year. This Programme is the acronym for “Learning & Involvement for a Fulfilling Experience”.

My LIFE Programme aims to develop YTzens from the NT Course into individuals who are confident in coping with challenges, motivated in learning and contributing to the school and external community. This Programme provides additional learning experiences beyond the N(T) curriculum to allow YTzens to nurture their interests, empower them with 21st CC skills, strengthen their values and attributes, broaden their experiences and provide opportunities for students to apply the skills and knowledge learnt to contribute to the school andthe external community.

My Life Programme comprises courses and workshops like Circus Arts Programme, Culinary Skills Course, Gardening Workshops and Sand Animation Course. YTzens apply the skills and knowledge learnt from these courses and workshops through projects such as “A Mini Feast for Staff” and “Terrarium Charity Sale at Hort Park”

6.       GEMS Programme
The GEMS Programme is specially crafted for a group of Secondary One to Three YTzens with the purpose of providing them with additional academic support and to equip them with the study skills to continually make improvements in their learning. The programme also empowers the YTzens to be self-disciplined and motivated in taking charge of their learning.

The GEMS Programme aims to enhance YTzens’ academic achievement by:
  • G rowing confidence in YTzens
  • E mpowering YTzens to make positive changes
  • M aximising strengths of YTzens
  • S tructuring study time for the YTzens

This programme includes supervised self-study, subject coaching by teachers, guidance on target setting, education and career guidance, mentoring by teachers and the acquisition of study and time management skills. Close guidance and constant encouragement from the teacher mentors serve to motivate our YTzens to persevere and strive for excellence.