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Year Master System

The Year Master (YM) system provides a horizontal integration of the curriculum and co-curricular programmes in all four levels to ensure students’ holistic development in all four domains of Heart, Body, Mind and Soul. It ensures a balanced development for students during their 4-5 years in school and complements the HOD system, which focuses largely on vertical progression of the curriculum.

The main objectives of the YM system are to provide a well-balanced education for students in the aspects of moral, physical, intellectual and aesthetics development. They also oversee the students' progress in their academic and co-curricular areas, including their general conduct in school and address any special needs identified.

2016 Year Masters

Sec 1 : Ms Ruziana Bte Zakaria
Sec 2 : Ms Howe Moey Eng Carolynn
Sec 3 : Mr Woo Lee Yen
Sec 4/5 : Ms Goh Chai Peng