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English Language & Literature


The English Language and Literature Department believes language is the basis of all communication and the primary instrument of thought in all situations, both formal and informal. It also serves as a constant reminder of the connection between knowledge and reality. As language is used to make meaning of the world we live in and to communicate with people, we aim to nurture thoughtful and analytical YTzens who will graduate as reflective readers, proficient writers and speakers who are confident in presenting their opinions, ideas and beliefs in the global realm.  The department strives to inculcate a lifelong love for English language in our YTzens through interesting learning activities and programmes.


Every student will be a confident and proficient user of English Language


Every student will succeed in doing well in English Language and Literature

Project En-ELT (Enhancing English Learning and Teaching)

Project En-ELT is an exploratory study that is in partnership with the Ministry of Education, English Language and Literature, Curriculum Planning and Development Division where our teachers implement curriculum innovations that are undergirded by sound pedagogies in the teaching and learning of English Language. 

Students develop skills to take ownership of their own learning in Project En-ELT. Through a retelling of stories, they develop evaluation skills and opinions on the given reading materials. They will subsequently articulate their thoughts in process writing, which forms part of assessment for learning. Products of their process writing are shared via reciprocal teaching that further fosters creative, critical and inventive thinking. 

Reading Programme

Reading forms the cornerstone of English literacy. Students are encouraged to read regularly through the activities in the Grapevine Reading Programme:
Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) - Time is set aside during the morning assembly on odd weeks to get students in the habit of reading English materials. 
Reading Programme - Reading lessons are structured in the timetables so that there is a time and space for students to discuss ideas and themes related to a given text. Through thought provoking questions and class discussions, teachers connect literature to the world we live in and extrapolate life lessons to make the texts more relevant to the students. 

Good English Movement (GEL)

The Good English Movement (GEL) is a whole-school approach which aims to raise awareness of the importance in communicating in Standard English and to cultivate confident speakers in YTzens. The movement saw an overwhelming response and participation in a myriad of activities for students and staff, including the Instagram Challenge, poem-writing competition, speech presentations and Readers’ Theatre. 

Reader's Theatre

The department aims to bring out the confident communicator in all YTzens. Adopting a student-centred approach, students learn about pronunciation, enunciation and voice projection through Reader’s Theatre.

In Reader’s Theatre, students experiment with different ways to express emotions and to understand the importance of having appropriate vocal expressions because these can affect the impact of the story on the audience.

Before the dramatisation, students need to translate a narrative prose text to a Reader’s Theatre script. Given the different types of texts, students need to use the appropriate grammar, tone and register in their translations. Hence, Reader’s Theatre allows students to acquire both oral and written communication skills in an engaging manner.

Talent Development Programme

Students who have demonstrated high competencies in speaking and writing are stretched under the departmental talent development programme. Selected students are exposed to community events and prestigious competitions that aim to hone their communication, critical and inventive thinking skills.
Our achievements in 2015:
1. MOE Creative Arts Programme, organised by the Gifted Education Branch, Ministry of Education and the University Scholars Programme, National University of Singapore
  • Mentorship Attachment, Jeriel Chua, 3E6

2. YMCA Plain English Speaking Award
  • Honour Roll, Aloysius Yong, 3E3
  • Honour Roll, Trisha Yeong, 3E7

3. Chong Pang’s Next Top Speaker
  • Finalist, Shivanii D/O Prakash Krishnan, 2E3
  • Finalist, Ting Tsin Sean, 2E7