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Excellence & Passion for Mathematical Success


Nurturing YTzens to be Confident and Competent Problem Solvers


The Mathematics Department of Yishun Town Secondary School firmly believes that a spirit of excellence and a passion for the learning and exploration of Mathematics will generate mathematical success.  That, in itself, is the essence of the Mathematics Department, encapsulated as the department’s vision that drives and motivates us as Mathematics Educators.  Guided by that belief, we place our focus on nurturing YTzens to be confident and competent problem solvers who, equipped with essential Mathematical problem-solving skills and 21st century competencies, will possess the ability to tackle challenges now and in the future.

A Confident and Competent Mathematical Problem Solver will be able to:
• accurately identify the Mathematical tools, reasoning and proofs to solve problems
• recognise patterns and make connections between Mathematics and other disciplines
• identify links to real world Mathematics and to make sense of these links via Mathematical modelling
• confidently communicate and explain Mathematical ideas
• appreciate the beauty of Mathematics

Specific Desired Outcomes

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In our quest to nurture and develop YTzens as confident and competent problem solvers, the Mathematics Department continues to explore new strategies and to innovate, putting in-place several platforms to create opportunities for YTzens to develop their conceptual understanding of the various Mathematics topics, and to make connections and applications to Mathematics in the real world.

Learning, Exploratory and Experiential Platforms

The following are some of the learning, exploratory and experiential platforms available for all or selected YTzens to enhance and deepen their learning of Mathematics.

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Mathematics Team Professional Development

There is great synergy and excitement whenever the Team comes together to explore, share, think and debate about Mathematics.  We understand the importance of the continuous pursuit of Mathematics knowledge, concepts and pedagogies, and we value and embrace the different insights and shared knowledge.

This year, apart from internal professional development sessions such as the ‘Additional Mathematics Sparkle Sessions’ where we come together to deepen our knowledge in Additional Mathematics, we have also involved ourselves in N2 Cluster professional development courses, marking training conducted by UCLES and a special sharing session with E5 Cluster schools.