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Principal's Message 2023

Embracing Prime Opportunities

YTSS is in her 37th year this year.

Together with Singapore, the school has built strong COVID-resilience for the past 3 years. Our programmes and activities reverted to normalcy progressively in 2022. In line with the school’s strategic plan, the YT2026 plan, implementation of key initiatives are going on well. These include Full Subject Based Banding, Blended Learning, Student initiated learning, CCE 2021 syllabus, onboarding of YTzens on Personalised Digital Learning Device, etc. There is strong support and trust from students, parents, alumni and other partners.

Both “37” and “2023” are prime numbers. While YTSS is still growing, moving into the new year suggests that there are prime opportunities for us to tap on, building on our strong foundation. Let me share with you three things that the school will place emphasis to prepare our YTzens to seize these prime opportunities:

Mindset of Abundance and Growth

We will teach our YTzens to seize opportunities by imbuing in them a mindset of growth and abundance. This is best encapsulated through exemplary YTzen. Ms Wang Weihui, a YTzen who graduated in 1999, demonstrated how each one of us is more than sufficient, capable of growth, and can always gift to the less fortunate. Generous in her spirit, Weihui has been doing  international humanitarian work, providing aid and comfort to displaced people in war-torn countries for many years. In her short stint back home this December, she returned to her alma mater to share her lessons on leadership and empathy our Student Councillors! This is one instance how YTSS builds the mindset of growth and abundance in our YTzens, such that they can view the world with the correct lens, and pick paths that best suits them in the service of others. 


(There were plenty of questions asked by our student councilors, 
ranging from “what made your choose this path” to “do you still keep in contact with the people you helped?”
Weihui’s next assignment will be in Syria, we wish her all the best!)

Core dispositions and competencies, anchored by values

We continue to deepen our endeavor to develop strong core dispositions and competencies such as reflective thinking, critical thinking, emotional regulation, intrinsic motivation in YTzens. These will be that anchored on values, sense of self-worth and identity. To develop students who could take an interest in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Aesthetics and Mathematics), a group of Secondary One students were selected to undergo a year-long Builder Springboard Programme. Here is a photograph of them engaging our SAC member Professor Lui Pao Chuen, on the possibilities of science and technology in the future.


(Students asked Prof questions like “Are there aliens”, “Should we colonise Mars?” 
Speak with any of the YTzens present to hear Prof’s views!)

Engaged Staff, committed to learning

To prepare students to seize prime opportunities, our staff are indispensable. They are the best guides and mentors for the YTzens. The school therefore aims to enhance their overall wellbeing and growth, so that they can be fulfilled and engaged. We will thus continue to grow them so that they can better grow your child. 


(Photo of our EAS on their learning journey to Chinatown. Our non-teaching staff form the backbone of the school in rendering support and service. YTSS also places a premium to engage and grow our non-teaching staff.)

I have given you a glimpse on three important approaches we will undertake to prepare YTzens to seize prime opportunities in 2023. There are plentiful more exciting things we do in here at YTSS. You – parents, alumni, and friends – can and should be part of this endeavor. I welcome all of you to join us!

Yours in learning,

    Mr Ng Teo Heng