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Vision, Mission, Motto, Values

Our Vision

A Community of Leaders
A Fraternity of Professionals
A School of Distinction

Our Mission

Transform Hearts and Minds, Nurturing Future-Ready Leaders of Character and Distinction

Our Values

Integrity we uphold 

Respect we show 
Gratitude we express 
Resilience we develop

School Motto & Logo

School Motto

We Will Excel! 

School Logo

School Logo

The school logo incorporate the letter Y which stands for Yishun and Youthfulness, embracing life with zeal to face the new challenges of the millenium. In line with YTSS' vision of a well-rounded education, the four arrows represent the development of the heart, body, mmind and soul while the circle symbolises the ultimate goal of a well-rounded pupil.

The blue background represents a peaceful and harmonious school atmosphere. The yellow stands for the vibrancy of our endeavours.