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Vision, Mission, Motto, Values

Our Vision

A School of Distinction. A Community of Leaders.

Our Mission

Nurturing Confident Leaders, Active Citizens and Global Thinkers - YTzens for the Future.

Our Values

Integrity we uphold 

Respect we show 
Gratitude we express 
Resilience we develop

The YTzen Profile

A Confident Leader,
An Active Citizen and
A Global Thinker

A YTzen,
A Confident Leader, An Active Citizen and A Global Thinker
 Key Characteristics Explanation 
 Confident Leader
A leader who upholds strong moral values.

A socially and emotionally skilled person who communicates effectively.

A well-rounded individual who excels academically, leads a healthy lifestyle and appreciates the arts.
Active Citizen An individual who cares for family, community and the nation.

A respectful and thoughtful individual who actively seeks opportunities to make a difference in the lives of others.
Global Thinker An independent and lifelong learner.

An individual who demonstrates problem-solving, creative and critical thinking skills.

An individual who demonstrates good interdisciplinary knowledge of the world and the ability to synthesize information and create new knowledge.

An individual who appreciates and respects other cultures and is able to interact confidently in diverse cultural settings.

School Motto & Logo

School Motto

We Will Excel!

School Motto

School Logo

School Logo

The school logo incorporates the letter which stands for Yishun and youthfulness , embracing life with zeal to face the new challenges of the millennium. In line with YTSS's vision of a well-rounded education, the four arrows represent the development of the heart, body, mind and soul while the circle symbolizes the ultimate goal of a well-rounded pupil. The blue background represents a peaceful and harmonious school atmosphere. Yellow stands for the vibrancy of our endeavours.