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30th Anniversary Homecoming Dinner

A gala co-organised by the YTSS Alumni and the School, this activity was meant for our alumni to revel in YTSS 30th Anniversary celebrations. With activities such as a grand tour of the school to rekindle nostalgic feelings in the guests, a ‘live’ photobooth with props and school uniforms for a good dose of fun was set up. Our former students took home with them memorabilia that encapsulated the memories created that night. Over a gastronomic spread of food, former staff and students with current staff and students, bonded and re-lived the good ol’ days. The special appearance of YTSS’s past principals was the highlight of the night which accounted the overwhelming response for the purchase of event tickets.

‘The event certainly brought a flavourful mix of pride in seeing our ex-students doing well in their lives and sheer joy in catching up with ex-colleagues who have moved on in life as well. Most of all, I think the entire activity confirmed the primary purpose of YTSS  -  a future-centric approach in developing students ready for the future by equipping them with skills and building in them resilience to achieve success. We Will Excel!’   
 Mr Marc Wo, HOD/Student Management

‘The 30th Homecoming dinner was filled with snapshot moments for me. Face-to-face encounters with former principals, colleagues and students, some of whom came with their children in tow – filled the moments with fun and deep emotions. It was a walk down memory lane when students recalled instances when advice was given to them to pick themselves up when the going seemed tough. Once again, I was reminded of how the teacher’s impact on a child is felt long after the child has walked out through the gates of the school.  As my students clamoured around me for photos, I gushed at the momentary celebrity-status they accorded me while acceding to their request. I hope this tradition of having a homecoming event can continue well into the future as YTSS becomes well-established. It is through opportunities like these that stakeholders of the school can build a lasting relationship between them and the school.’ 
 Mdm Saudah Marwan, Lead Teacher