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2016 'O' Level Achievements

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On 11th of January, the 2016 graduating cohort receive their GCE ‘O’ level results. A plethora of emotions filled the school hall as teachers handed the result slips to their former charges. Parents too, turned up, to give their children their moral support at this critical juncture of their academic journey. All around the hall, YTzens could be seen expressing their gratitude to teachers and parents who played a pivotal role in helping them cross this hurdle. To help students in making the best decision for themselves, some post-secondary education institutions were invited to set up their booths outside the school hall to give students the opportunity to learn more about the different pathways for them. With their sights set on the future, the cohort of 2016 walked out the gates of YTSS to continue their lifelonsg pursuit of learning.