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Values-in-Action is another important aspect of the exhibition of the values that are taught and caught by the students and staff in the daily processes of Teaching and Learning. There is a specific platform in the formative stages of the student towards the exhibition of values inculcated throughout their Schooling and Teaching life. These particular activities aim to consolidate the awareness and opportunities for service to others, imperative in the internalisation of the requisite altruism expected of every YTzen. The eventual outcome is to enable each and every student and staff to realise and make full use of the possibilities for Values-in-Action in their daily lives to benefit the lives of others, fulfilling the VIA Vision of “Helping others, Helping yourself”.

At the Lower Secondary level, students follow through structured and teacher-guided VIA projects in collaboration with social organizations, where they learn to cultivate a sense of social responsibility. Students are provided with the opportunities to care for one another, the less fortunate and their environment. At the Upper Secondary level, students are then challenged and empowered to plan and execute class-initiated service learning projects, focusing in the areas they would want to contribute. As part of VIA, they reflect on their experiences and the values put into practice under the guidance and mentorship of their respective teachers.

Examples of Lower Secondary VIA projects include:

Secondary 1E Ang Mo Kio Thye Hua Kwan Hospital VIA Project 2017

Our Secondary 1E classes participated as volunteers at Ang Mo Kio Thye Hua Kwan Hospital to mingle with the elderly and conduct interactive activities such as origami and bingo to engage them.

Both our YTzens and the elderly enjoyed themselves thoroughly. The sessions were memorable, and our students displayed their creativity in planning for activities that engage the elderly, keeping them happy and entertained through the students’ performances.

“I find the experience to the hospital a very memorable one. We got to learn more about how the elderly lived in the past when they were younger, and we also bonded well with them as they talked about their interests and shared their stories with us. It was an enriching experience. ” Shre 1E4

“The Secondary 1 VIA programme with Thye Hua Kwan Hospital was an enriching experience for the students. It gave them an opportunity to collaborate as a class to plan activities for the elderly. During the course of the programme, I observed that during the students’ interaction with the elderly, they showed a sense of respect, compassion and forged a strong relationship with the elderly. This programme actively brings together the younger older generation to further understand and respect one another.”  Mdm Azimah Teacher

Examples of Upper Secondary VIA projects include:

Project Spheres Initiatives with HDB 2017

A few Secondary 4 classes collaborated with HDB to do volunteering activities at Golden Palms. Our students conducted spring cleaning to help enhance the living environment of elderly residents living in the flats. They also organised activities and games to keep the residents engaged and active.

 “The project spheres initiative gave me the opportunity to interact with the elderly thus allowing me to understand their needs and interest better. The initiatives served as a stepping stone for me to step out of my comfort zone, to communicate with the elderly through dialects that I do not speak often. The project also inspired me to contribute more to the society through volunteer work.”  Tay Jia Yee 4E5

“The project spheres initiatives has provided me with the opportunity to interact with the elderly. From the interaction with them, I got to know their challenges faced by them when it comes to doing simple task like cleaning up their house. It reminded me how we should cherish what we have and show concerns to our elderly around us.” Syauqina 4E5

“Through this VIA project, I am pleased to observe that our students have demonstrated their leadership ability, and further honed their planning and execution skills learnt from school. They have also learnt that giving back to the society can be both enjoyable and meaningful.” Mdm Choo Li Chin Lily Teacher

Examples of CCA VIA projects include:

Chess Club @ My Star Learner

On 25 August 2017, the YTSS Chess Club organised a chess introductory session at My Star Learner at Woodlands Circle branch for a group of 42 children at the K1 & K2 level, with the aim of exposing the children to Chess Sport.  During the session, our YTzens conducted Chess lessons, followed by a mini competition for the young learners.

 “The VIA experience at the centre was enriching for the chess club members as they not only taught the children chess skills but they also mingled and communicated confidently with them. They really stepped out their comfort zone and enjoyed themselves with the children.” Mdm Fadzilah Teacher

“After the VIA project at my Star Learner, my confidence level increased and I was able to express myself comfortably to others. I have also learnt a lot from the planning and designing of lesson for the children.”Hong Jun 3E5