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Cross Cultural Learning

Cross Cultural Learning 
The uniqueness of YTSS Curriculum is enhanced with cross cultural experiences where YTzens are given the opportunity for learning not just beyond the classroom but also beyond the local context.

Through the overseas learning journeys, YTzens acquire knowledge of the cultural and language context, gain exposure to the various educational systems, learn to be independent, collaborate with their team mates on related projects.

YTzens’ learning starts before the trips as they go through briefings and workshops as part of their preparation to facilitate the acquisition of background knowledge, which will in turn enhance their experiences during the trip. Thereafter, YTzens consolidate their learning and share their experiences with their YTzens through presentations at school-based platforms. 

Authentic learning can take the form of students going on experiential learning overseas or through hosting of our foreign visitors in YTSS. This year’s Cross-Cultural Learning programmes allowed our students to host our partners from Hong Kong, Beijing and Japan, as well as to provide opportunities for overseas immersion in Vietnam, Beijing, Hong Kong and Japan. Through these programmes, we hope to develop the Global Thinkers in every YTzen, and have our students appreciate and respect other cultures, while interacting confidently in diverse cultural settings. 

Global Partnerships

In Yishun Town Secondary, we provide meaningful cross cultural experiences where the students develop cultural sensitivity as well as valuable experience through interactions with students from other countries.

 Partnerships with schools

Over the years, we have formed partnerships with various schools all around the world and strengthened bilateral relations.

 Sagano High School, Japan

 A hallmark of our cross-cultural fieldtrips would be Sagano High School, Japan. Other than Science Exchange programmes and cultural immersion programmes for the students 3 times a year, both schools have also embarked on collaboration and sharing on the school curriculum, pedagogies and lesson observations through the educational visits.

 Nara Prefectural Seisho High School, Japan

Partnership with this school was established in 2016, where both YTSS and SHS collaborated in cultural immersion and students from both schools have opportunities to forge new friendships through the exchange in Singapore.

 Beijing Shangdi Experimental School, China

 We have worked closely with Beijing Shangdi Experimental School since 2009. Collaboration between both schools has been enriching and fruitful especially in the areas of teaching and learning. Cultural exchanges and exposure to the school culture has increased awareness of the students in appreciating and understanding the differences in educational landscapes.

 Fukien Secondary School, Hong Kong 

As part of the cross-cultural fieldtrips, our school has formed a partnership with the school in Hong Kong. In this programme, both parties will take part in various school exchange programmes such as lesson observations and group discussions to learn more about each other’s country and education system such as in the area of culture, arts, sports and co-curricular activities.