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Cross-Cultural Trip to Beijing, China

To broaden the perspectives of YTzens, YTSS organised a China immersion programme to Beijing and Tianjin from 9th to 16th November 2014. Throughout this trip, students were given ample learning opportunities to develop them into leaders who are more confident, as well as thinkers who are able to think innovatively and critically while dealing with global issues.


Students were culturally immersed in a country poised to become the next global superpower, discovering for themselves the dragon of the orient through exploring the following learning themes: Arts and Architecture, Collaboration, Education and Tourism. These themes have allowed students to investigate issues crucial to a country’s development and to think of how Singapore can leverage the success of China in certain aspects by doing detailed comparisons and conducting in-depth research.


The itinerary revolved around these 4 learning themes. For example, we visited the shopping belts – Wangfujing Street and Nanluoguxiang to learn about Tourism, the Confucius Temple to discover the history of the education system in China, the 798 Art District to soak in the artistic atmosphere and the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city to witness for themselves the fruits of the collaboration between Singapore and China.


This immersion programme featured a new aspect in which YTzens brought learning to their China buddies in Beijing Shangdi Experimental School as well. On the last day of their exchange programme, YTzens set up interactive display booths to let their buddies learn more about the Singaporean culture and lifestyle. This fostered a deeper understanding of their own roots and enhanced the meaningful interaction with their China buddies.


All in all, this trip offered our Secondary Three YTzens a purposeful exposure, prompting them to think about their own future, as well as that of the nation. It has also deepened their understanding of China and developed their global perspective and cross-cultural awareness.

I have not regretted signing up for the China cross cultural trip as I got to experience climbing the seven wonders of the world – Great Wall of China, participated in a twinning programme with students from Shangdi Experimental School and visited 2 renowned universities in China – Peking and Tsing Hua universities! My learning point from the trip is that it is important for us to explore the world more to experience and understand different culture and ways of living. This will broaden our horizon and enable us to learn to appreciate what we are having now in Singapore!

Divya d/o Loganathan Pillai from 3N2


I feel that the China overseas fieldtrip has really been a meaningful and memorable experience that I will never forget. The days spent in China have allowed me to deepen and create new bonds and friendships with my batch mates. The most memorable part of the trip would definitely be the scaling of the Great Wall of China, as it was really tough! Upon reaching the top, I felt a great sense of accomplishment!

Darren Chan from 3E7

The Great Wall of China had taught me the value of resilience. I persevere and keep climbing despite the altitude, challenging steps and cold winter! I told myself to not give up and thought of the rich history and determination of our forefathers! Once I reached the peak, I couldn't help but feel a great sense of achievement!

Chua Jieying from 3N2

We had to wake up very early to witness the flag raising ceremony at Tian An Men Square. Even though it was a short event, I was awed by the amount of local that turned up to witness the ceremony. This shows how proud the locals are of their state flag and make me reflect on my attitude towards our morning assembly. After this experience, I will make it a point to sing and recite our National Anthem and pledge loudly!

Sim Zu Terng from 3N2

I am glad to be able to experience 2 days of school immersion programme at Beijing Shangdi Experimental School. It was a great experience as their studying environment and teaching methods are very different from Singapore. The students are also very participative and attentive during lessons and it make me realise that I should be much more serious in class too!

Lua Anqi from 3N2