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Cross-Cultural Trip to Chiangrai, North of Thailand

Chiangrai 7-Day Immersion Programme was held on 5 November to 11 November 2014. A total of 25 Secondary 2 and 3 students set off as they journeyed to the North of Thailand. The overseas school experience with a local school, Damrongratsongkoh School, got many to learn to appreciate the importance of living in an interdependent community. Through their observations and conversations with the locals, they practised respecting the diversity and appreciating the cultural differences. A mix of cultural site seeing with elements of adventure and leisure gave students a broad understanding of Thailand’s main economic drivers while immersed in the country’s strong cultural identity. Yishun Town ‘B’ Division basketball girls also fostered unity through friendly spar matches with Thai students and tough training sessions held in a foreign land.   

“Through the fieldtrip, I got to experience the schooling style of another Asian country which was really different from the one that Singapore offers. Lessons there were very relaxed and the facilities there were not as developed as ours. I learnt to be more grateful of the little things offered to me. The chance to immerse myself in the Thai culture also allowed me to become a global citizen, and also made me realise the importance of having an open mind in order to truly appreciate new things.”

“The CIP experience also made me learn that we must not take the people around us for granted, and that we should always spread happiness. Strong bonds were also forged between me and my school mates and these will stay with me for a long time.”

“I am grateful for having my two parents beside me all the time and their love and concern they provide for me.”