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Cross-Cultural Trip to Kyoto, Japan "Sagano High School"

The learning experience from the cross cultural fieldtrip to Japan from 11 to 21 November 2014 was truly invaluable. Through participating in an immersion programme with Sagano High School, YTzens had the precious opportunity to interact with the Japanese contemporaries to deepen their appreciation of the culture, tradition and the education system in Japan. Through experiential learning, subjects like Science, Geography and History come alive when students apply their acquired knowledge to the context of the real world.

‘Our visit to Japan was time well-spent. We had the chance to interact with many Sagano High School students to learn about their daily school life under the school immersion programme. Places such as the Peace Dome and Memorial Park, Miyajima and Kumamoto Castle gave us great insights on the rich heritage of Japan. Witnessing the breathtaking wonders of nature like Mt Aso, Takachiho Kyo and Jigoku Hell Valley deepened our passion in Geography. Spending a night in the farm stay with the Japanese families definitely made the trip much more fruitful and memorable. The Japanese exuded politeness and graciousness in their words and deeds which taught me the value of ‘respect’.                                                 
Lim Win Kiat Sec 3E4 (2014)

The trip to Japan was enriching and interesting. I had learnt a lot of values during the trip, one of which was responsibility. As the leader of my group, I held great responsibility in overseeing the completion of the project and assigned tasks. I must also ensure that the work was up to expectations. I also learnt about teamwork because it was through the cooperation of the group members that we were able to carry out our survey and interviews in Japan. The most memorable experience was when I was appointed a mentor and helped my friends become more confident leaders. It made me feel a sense of accomplishment. 

Wong Sebastian 3N2 (2014)

The participation in the Science Festival at Kyoto Institute of Technology had taught me many lessons. It had allowed me to acquire knowledge beyond the scope of my textbook. It also rendered me the opportunity to interact with not only my group members, but also students from other schools in both Singapore and Japan. We built up our resilience when we had to stay up late till the wee hours of the morning to finalise our Science project and had to rehearse countless times to make us to remember every detail. We had to give an oral presentation to a very large audience, which made me feel scared. However, I had to overcome my fear and summon up my courage.  At the same time, I was also excited knowing that I would be sharing my knowledge with other students and help them appreciate Science better. 

   Yong Fu Hsien 3E6 (2014)