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Cross-Cultural Trip to Taipei and Taitung, Taiwan

A group of Secondary 2 YTzens travelled to Taiwan from 29 October to 5 November 2014 to learn more about the language, arts and creativity of Taiwan.  YTzens presented their thoughts and feelings through differentiated performance tasks which improved their understanding and appreciation of the Chinese language.

The programme included visits to various famous sights in Taiwan, including CKS Memorial Hall, Taipei Palace Museum, Toucheng Farm, Pi Si Li Ang Cultural Centre, Forest Museum.


During the trip, the group also had the opportunity to interact with Taiwanese students from Junyi School and gained a better understanding of the education system in Taiwan. On top of this, they met the graduates from Yishun Town Secondary School, who are studying in Taiwan University, and had an enriching conversation with them about the University and courses it offered. In addition, they were guided on a tour around Taiwan University by Singaporean scholars studying there.


One of the objectives of the trip was to let students appreciate the Chinese language and culture in Taiwan. Thus students visited the well-known Eslite bookstore in Taipei and purchased books which they liked. They also visited the nationally acclaimed Palace Museum and had an in-depth tea appreciation session in Wistaria Tea House.


Another highlight of the trip was Toucheng Farm in Yilan. Through this visit, YTzens learned to be conscious of the dangers that the natural habitats face. They also learned to protect the environment through different ways like planting more trees and walk instead of drive.


In addition, YTzens had the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful and unspoilt nature in the last paradise of Taiwan – Taitung. In Taitung, they visited artists’ workshops and interacted with the artists. They also visited Pi Si Li Ang Cultural Centre, where they enjoyed a percussion performance by the young and talented aborigines. They also visited Taitung Forest Museum, where they actually climbed their way through the museum and tried outdoor cooking with coal.


The Taiwan Immersion Programme had been a meaningful exposure for the Secondary 2 YTzens, prompting them to think more for the nature, and to be grateful for what they enjoy back in Singapore. Through the trip, the students also gained maturity and learned to be more independent.


Through this trip, I’ve learnt a lot of knowledge which was not taught during lesson. Taiwanese are very friendly and cheerful, they always smiled, giving me a sense of ‘home’. Through the various activities, I learnt to appreciate the beauty of Taiwan through different perspectives. For example, at Toucheng farm, I learnt the importance of nature and why we should protect it. Taiwan’s culture is really different from ours and the more I get to know Taiwan, the more I love this place.”

-Tan Min Yi 2E5


“The Taiwan cross-cultural trip taught us a lot, including language, values and scientific knowledge. When we were at the Forest Museum, we had to climb the rocks using ropes. Although my friend, Simone, failed repeatedly, she didn’t give up and faced the challenge bravely. Through the help of friends and her own perseverance, she managed to complete all activities. I think that her attitude was commendable and I learned a lot from her.”

-Wu Si Yao 2E6


















-陈敏怡 3E5



-吴思瑶 3E7