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Student Development (Social and Emotional Learning) programmes

The school implements strategies and programmes to provide support for the students in their social and emotional development. The support provided for students is customised to meet the needs of the different student segments.


1.       My LIFE Programme

My LIFE Programme is a special programme to benefit YTzens from the Normal Course in each school year. This Programme is the acronym for “Learning & Involvement for a Fulfilling Experience”.

My LIFE Programme aims to develop YTzens from the Normal Course into individuals who are confident in coping with challenges, motivated in learning and contributing to the school and external community. This Programme provides additional learning experiences beyond the N(A)/N(T) curriculum to allow YTzens to nurture their interests, empower them with 21st CC skills, strengthen their values and attributes, broaden their experiences and provide opportunities for students to apply the skills and knowledge learnt to contribute to the school and the external community.

My LIFE Programme comprises of Enrichments, Elective Modules and M.A.Z.E Programme. The Enrichment Programmes include Circus Arts Programme, Culinary Skills Course, Percussion Workshops and Rope Skipping Course and the Elective Modules include Aeronautical Engineering Elective Module, Culinary and Pastry Science Elective Module and Hospitality and Barista Elective Module. The M.A.Z.E programme (Moving Ahead with Zealous Energy) is a social and emotional learning Programme conducted over 4 years for the NT Course students. It imparts life skills and strengthens values that will enable students to progress from Secondary One to Secondary Four and to their post-secondary education with positive energy and attitude.

YTzens apply the skills and knowledge learnt from the Enrichments and Elective Modules through projects such as “Bringing a Day of Joy to the Elderly” as part of their efforts to contribute to the community.

2.     GEMS Programme

The GEMS Programme is specially crafted for a group of Secondary One to Three YTzens with the purpose of providing them with additional academic support and to equip them with the study skills to continually make improvements in their learning. The programme also empowers the YTzens to be self-disciplined and motivated in taking charge of their learning.

 The GEMS Programme aims to enhance YTzens’ academic achievement by:

·    rowing confidence in YTzens

·     mpowering YTzens to make positive changes

·     aximising strengths of YTzens

·     tructuring study time for the YTzens

This programme includes workshops on study skills, motivational talks, guidance on target setting, individual mentoring and supervised study sessions. Close guidance and constant encouragement from the teacher mentors serve to motivate our YTzens to persevere and strive for excellence.