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Year Master System

The Year Master (YM) system provides a horizontal integration of the curriculum and co-curricular programmes in each of the levels to ensure students’ holistic development and overall well-being. It ensures an all-round development for students during their four to five years in school and complements the HOD system, which focuses largely on the vertical progression of the curriculum. 


The main objectives of the YM system are to provide a well-balanced education for students in the aspects of social, moral, physical, intellectual and aesthetics development and look into the well-being of the students. The Year Masters identify the specific needs of each segment of students, design and drive level-wide strategies and level programmes to address the needs of the students, work with the other school personnel to provide social and emotional support for the students and oversee students' progress in the academic and co-curricular areas. The Year Masters also oversee the various intervention efforts by the different departments, while working closely with the parents at the same time.

2021 Year Masters

Sec 1 : 

Mr Ng Wei Kwang, Ms Tan Siew Yan

Sec 2 : 

Mdm Ruziana Bte Zakaria, Mr Alan Chew Chioh-Sian

Sec 3 : 

Mrs Lynn Ong, Mr Muhammad Tirmidzi Bin Abdul Ghani, Ms Nafisah Bte Alias

Sec 4/5 : 

Mr Woo Lee Yen , Ms Huang Yiyan Emily, Mrs Candy Tong