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Art Unit

Philosophy of Art Unit

In a fast-changing and an increasing globalized world, we need to prepare our students with lifelong skills of observing, envisioning, innovating and reflecting both in school and elsewhere in life. These competencies will help them cope better with challenges in adulthood so that they respond to them with creative intelligence. They learn these lifelong skills through a thorough and holistic Art Education in Yishun Town Secondary School.

The learning of Art as a discipline helps them to better relate to the world around them as it complements and balances all other disciplines. It is a platform for them to synthesise their learning from other disciplines so that it enhances their overall education. 

The study of Art as a discipline nurtures creativity and allows room for self-expression and develop traits of mental behaviour that are valuable such as mental flexibility and spontaneity which will help them flourish in a dynamic environment in the years ahead.


Leading the frontiers of Art. A community of Artists.


E – Enriching YTzens with holistic art education
X – Exciting and dynamic art curriculum planned and executed by committed teachers
C – Cultivate confident and self-motivated YTzens by providing a safe haven for learning
E – Empowering YTzens’ learning through self-discovery and self-expression
L – Leading the frontiers of artistic and inventive creation through arts appreciation

Art Education in Yishun Town Secondary School entails the following:
1. Nurturing Creativity 
2. Freedom for Self-expression 
3. The Visual Act
4. Visual Literacy

We aim to nurture YTzens to be Confident Leaders and Global Thinkers. Students will be able to:
• Develop creative thinking skills through art processes 
• Express thoughts and feelings through different forms of art
• Adapt and be resilient in the process of art-making 
• Interpret, negotiate and make meaning of artworks in the verbal and written forms.

Pedagogical Approaches

Art lessons are conducted in the Three Studio Structures:
• Demonstration-Lecture: Teachers deliver information quickly and visually, about processes and tasks that students immediately undertake in assignments.
• Students-at-Work: Students make artworks based on teachers’ assignments, while teachers observe and consult with individuals or small groups.
• Critique: Teachers and students discuss and reflect on students' artwork, often while it is still in process. Through Inquiry-based learning, the responses of the students will be elicited.