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2021 Events

Congratulations to our graduating batch, 4 January 2021

Our YTzens did well in their national examinations. The year was definitely a unique one and our YTzens adapted to the various COVID-19 measures such as Home Based Learning. We are very proud of our YTzens' effort, dedication & spirit of excellence, Class of 2020!

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Sec 1 Orientation Programme, 4 January 2021

Today, YTSS welcomed a new batch of Secondary 1 YTzens as we kicked off the start of 2021! The orientation programme began with a virtual welcome address by their Year Masters, Mr Ng and Ms Tan. They also got to know more about their form teachers during FT Time and engaged in many fun activities conducted by our student facilitators!

To mark the end of the Orientation Programme, the Secondary 1 YTzens went through Initiation Ceremony where they were officially inducted into YTSS as full-fledge YTzens. 

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YTzens' First Day of School, 4 January 2021

In YTSS, on the first day of the semester, the first period is set aside to allow classmates to catch up with one another and teachers to connect with their classes. 

This year, having to adhere to the SMM measures brought out our teachers' creative side and it was so wonderful to see the new and innovative ways that teachers explored in order to ensure the first period remained successful!

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Welcoming our new Principal, Mr Ng Teo Heng, 4 January 2021

Today, YTSS warmly welcomed our new principal, Mr Ng Teo Heng. Mr Ng also welcomed all YTzens as a school by addressing all levels through the PA system. Mr Ng will lead YTSS alongside our Vice Principals, Mr Ow Weng Keong, Mr Don Loong and Mr Chew Chee Yong 

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