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2021 Term 3 School Re-Opening Matters

Back to school reminders

27 June 2021 

Dear Parents/Guardians and YTzens,

As you prepare to return to school, we would like to remind all YTzens on the importance of social responsibility. Before you return to school, do take time to check that you're feeling well and prepared for the new school term.

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We look forward to seeing all of you in school again. Should you have concerns or queries, please contact our General Office at 67587219.

Updates to schools' LOA and AA Policies


Dear Parents/Guardians and students,

In line with the national posture, schools will reopen gradually from Term 3, 28 June 2021.

To keep our students and schools safe, MOE has enhanced its Leave of Absence (LOA) and Approved Absence (AA) policies to ensure that students or staff with possible risk of infection stay away from school.

As part of MOE’s screening measures, these students should not go to school:
a. If students or individuals (6 years old and above) in their household are unwell with flu-like symptoms.
b. If students or their household members are required to undergo mandatory testing due to a COVID-19 cluster.
c. If students are placed on AA, LOA, Stay Home Notice, or under a Quarantine Order.

Details of the enhancements are shown in Annex A (please click the link to access Annex A).

Should you have concerns or queries, please contact our General Office at 67587219.

Term 3 Timetables


Dear Parents/Guardians and students, 

You may access your child/ward's or your own timetable by clicking on the respective level files in the table below.

LevelDownloadable File 
Secondary 1Sec 1 Term 3 Timetable.pdf
Secondary 2 Sec 2 Term 3 Timetable.pdf
 Secondary 3  Sec 3 Term 3 Timetable.pdf
Secondary 4&5 Sec 4 Term 3 Timetable.pdf

For students returning to school on Monday, do take time to look through your timetable and check what materials you will need for school. As the school is in the midst of installing new lockers, students are advised to only bring the materials according to their timetable when school starts.

Should you have concerns or queries, please contact our General Office at 67587219.

Term 3 Principal's Letter to Parents


Dear Parents/Guardians,

As Singapore moves into Phase 3 (Heightened Alert) with gradual easing of community safe management measures (SMMs), the Ministry of Education (MOE) will progressively bring students back to school after the June school holidays. From Monday, 28 June 2021, YTzens from Secondary 3 to 5 will return to school. Sec 1 and 2 YTzens will be on Home-Based Learning till Wednesday, 30 June 2021, and will return to school from Thursday, 1 July 2021.

We  would like to take this opportunity to highlight the following arrangements to aid you and your child/ward in preparing for school reopening. You will find more details on the various arrangements in our Term 3 Principal's Letter to Parents. Please click here to access the document.

With the evolving situation, we, at YTSS,  remain vigilant. Teaching and learning, and the well-being of your child/ward remain key to us. Please be rest assured that with your strong support and partnership, our school will adapt and redesign our programmes as needed to ensure that your child/ward receive the optimal school experience.

Should you have concerns or queries, please contact our General Office at 67587219.