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Blended Learning @ YTSS


Blended Learning in MOE’s context refers to the re-imagination of our students’ educational experience by providing them with a more seamless blending of different modes of learning. It allows our educators to re-think curriculum and assessment design, and innovate pedagogies to enable students to benefit from a wider spectrum of learning experiences. One aspect of Blended Learning is the integration of home-based learning (HBL) as a regular feature of the schooling experience.

Blended Learning can further strengthen our students’ ability to be self-directed learners. By mainstreaming HBL we can equip students with stronger abilities, dispositions and habits for independent and lifelong learning, which is in line with MOE’s Learn for Life movement

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Blended Learning in Yishun Town Secondary 

In YTSS, Secondary 1 students will be the first to start their Blended Learning journey starting from Semester 2 2021. Their Blended Learning experience will encompass both Home-based Learning and what is covered in school during curriculum as well as the student-initiated learning component.