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Parents Notification

Back to School Updates (from 29 June onwards)


Dear Parents / Guardians,

Thank you for working with us in the implementation of Safe Management Measures so that our school.
As we prepare to welcome back all students in school from 29 June, we would like to update you on the following matters:

1. Safe Management Measures

We will continue to observe the existing safe management measures conscientiously when school fully opens. These measures include daily temperature taking and screening, practicing good hygiene, reduce intermingling, and ensuring safe distancing.

 We would like to seek your understanding and support to not let your child/ward come to school if he/she is feeling unwell (e.g. sore throat, fever, cough). Do see a doctor, and if diagnosed with Acute Respiratory Infection (ARI), students 13 years and above will be prioritised for COVID-19 testing, while students 12 years and below will be assessed by the doctor as to whether a test is required.

If there are any adult household members (18 years and above) unwell with flu-like symptoms, do inform the school and keep your child/ward at home. Do ensure that the unwell adult household member seeks medical treatment promptly.

2. Guidelines for Group Work, PE, CCA

From 29 June 2020 onwards, the following will be implemented gradually with safe management measures in place:

·    Some small group discussions during lessons will be permitted. Students will keep to a maximum of 5 per group and stay within their fixed seating arrangements.

·    PE continues to be class-based, and low-risk and low-contact sports will be allowed. Students will play within a maximum of 5 per group and will be required to wear a mask. Equipment will be wiped-down and sanitised after use.

·    CCAs will gradually resume in the form of e-CCA to bring back essential elements of student development experiences. You will receive updates via CCA letters from the teacher-in-charge in the course of time.

3. Personal Trips, including during Mid Term Break (20 – 26 July)

Students are to continue to defer all overseas travel in line with the MOH Travel Advisory.

Should there be any exceptional travel by students/household members, do note the following:

·    The risk of being infected overseas and transmitting it to others locally


·    The requirement to apply for and obtain an entrance permit from MOE/ICA prior to your return to Singapore if you are an International Student or non-SC/PR parents  14-day Stay-Home Notice (SHN) will be issued upon your return to Singapore which may be chargeable up to $2,000 if served at an SHN Dedicated Facility


·    Swab test for COVID-19 at the end of the SHN which may be chargeable up to $200 14-day Leave of Absence (LOA) for students staying in the same household as someone on SHN


·    Unsubsidised healthcare if you come down with COVID-19 upon your return


4. Student Registration of TraceTogether Application

TraceTogether is a government initiative to support contact tracing operations of COVID-19. Students are strongly encouraged to use it. The instructions on the registration of TraceTogether are found below.

Image_Trace Together App.PNG


Thank you for your understanding and support to help us to keep our school safe for all students and staff. Our school leaders, teachers and staff will continue to do our best to take care of your child/ward.

Take good care and stay safe.

Expanded Surveillance Testing for COVID-19


Dear Parents/Guardians,

We hope that your child is adjusting well to Term 3.

Since 2 Jun, the government has expanded surveillance testing for COVID-19. We would like to share MOH’s guidelines and what it means for our students.

Parents/guardians should accompany their children who are unwell, with respiratory symptoms like cough, sore throat and runny nose, to see a doctor and be assessed for Acute Respiratory Infection (ARI). If diagnosed with ARI:

-    Students (13 years and above) will be prioritised for COVID-19 testing and referred for testing at a polyclinic, designated GP clinic participating in the Swab-and-Send-Home initiative or Regional Screening Centre set up by HPB.

-    Students (12 years and below) will be assessed by the doctor as to whether a test is required, as younger children may require different clinical considerations than older children. Those who do not require a test will be issued a 5-day MC and should stay home. If he/she is still unwell at the end of 5 days, he/she should return to the same doctor for follow-up assessment and may be referred to KKH/NUH for a test.

Student pass with NRIC/FIN number is required for testing.

Please note that there may be exceptions, depending on the professional judgement of the doctor.

Testing will also apply to school staff, complementing the other safe management measures put in place in our schools to safeguard student well-being. For more details, please refer to the MOE FAQs.

Stay safe and healthy!

Reference: https://www.moe.gov.sg/faqs-covid-19-infection

Term 3 Letter to Parents


Dear Parents / Guardians,

As we welcome our YTzens back to school tomorrow, we would like to share with you some updates on what we are doing to make our school a safe environment for your child.                                                                   


To prevent the potential spread of COVID-19 in school, students are required to adhere to the following safety management measures.

A. Be Socially Responsible

·         Stay away from school and remain at home when feeling unwell. Students who have household members who are       
          unwell with flu-like symptoms will also not be allowed to come to school.

·         Carry out the Wipe Down Routines for their desks, table space in canteen after meals, and common/shared equipment
          after use.

·         Wear face masks / face shields at all times unless eating/drinking and during PE lessons. Students are encouraged to
          bring an extra face mask in case the one they are using gets wet or dirty.

B. Maintain Good Personal Hygiene

·         Wash hands with soap and water regularly every day.

·         Use hand sanitisers provided to them and those available around the school if water and soap are not readily available. 

C Adhere to School Measures for Decongestion

·         Recesses and lunch breaks continue to be staggered according to levels. Sit according to designated spaces by classes.

·         Restrooms will be designated for use by levels to avoid decongestion.

·         Dismissal times will be staggered by levels.

Please refer to the various Letters to Parents based on the level that your child is in for more detailed and customised information.

Sec 1 Letter to Parents

Term 3 letter for Sec 1.pdf 

Sec 2 Letter to Parents

Term 3 letter for Sec 2.pdf 


Sec 3 Letter to Parents

Term 3 Letter for Sec 3.pdf 


Sec 4 and 5 Letter to Parents

Term 3 Letter for Sec 4 and 5.pdf 


Back to School Information for Parents (MOE)


Dear Parents / Guardians,

With the end of the Circuit Breaker on 1 Jun 2020, we enter the phase of safe opening. 2 Jun 2020 marks the beginning of a brand new school term. This new term with new arrangements and routines will be a new normal for all of us.

We hope that this issue of Parent Kit will help you to understand Back to School arrangements better and how you can guide your children to adjust back to school. We also ask for your support to keep our school and students safe, as you have done before the start of Full HBL. Pages 7 to 10 of the Parent Kit provides information on how you can do so.

In YTSS, we are working behind the scenes to prepare our school to ensure the safety our students so that learning can continue when school re-opens. We look forward to welcoming our students back in school! 

Parents Kit – Back to School (from MOE)

Resource Kit - Parent Kit - Back to School.pdf 

Full Home-Based Learning: 8 April – 4 May 2020


Dear Parents/Guardians,

In line with the Multi-Ministry Taskforce’s latest efforts to further enhance safe distancing measures, 
schools will step up their safe distancing measures.


From 8 April 2020, all MOE schools will shift to full Home-Based Learning (HBL) till 4 May 2020.


As parents/guardians, you may have questions about your child’s HBL work. This webpage will be your one-stop destination for all things HBL-related at YTSS.

The website will be uploaded with

  • Weekly HBL Class Timetable
  • Daily & Weekly Lesson Overviews
Should you have questions, we are here to help in whatever way we can. Please approach the relevant groups to get targeted support. 

For general queries and concerns about school-based matters

  Please contact our General Office at 67587219, or email the          school at ytss@moe.edu.sg.

For SLS-related queries, such as password reset and unlocking of accounts.

  Please contact the School-based Helpline for SLS queries      
  including all SLS access matters at 68538440.

  Operating Hours: 8.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.

For subject-related queries, please email the subject teachers directly. 

  Subject teachers email addresses can be found in the lesson    

We plan to resume classes on 5 May 2020. MOE will continue to closely monitor the COVID-19 situation to assess if HBL needs to be extended. We look forward to seeing everyone back in school healthy and well. Stay safe, be well.  

Week 2 Home-Based Learning


Dear Parents, Guardians and YTzens,

Today we are carrying out our national Home-Based Learning Exercise. All YTzens are expected to stay at home and carry out their self-directed learning through various online and offline work.

For your reference, here are some key information that will help you navigate through our HBL lessons.

Instructions for HBL @ YTSS 

Instructions for Home Based Learning (2 April).pdf  
Timetable for HBL @ YTSS 

HBL Timetable (2 Apr).pdf  
Daily Lesson Plans for Sec 1 

 Sec 1 HBL (2nd April) Daily Lesson Plan_New.pdf
Daily Lesson Plans for Sec 2 

 Sec 2 HBL (2nd April) Daily Lesson Plan_New.pdf
Daily Lesson Plans for Sec 3

Sec 3 HBL (2nd April) Daily Lesson Plan _New.pdf 
Daily Lesson Plans for Sec 4 

 Sec 4&5 HBL (2nd April) Daily Lesson Plan_New.pdf

YTzens, please remember to visit Student Learning Space and search for Home-Based Learning(2 April) Information’ assigned to you in SLS to get started!

Happy E-Learning, everyone!

HBL Information for Parents


Dear Parents,

In light of the developing COVID-19 situation in Singapore, YTSS has put in place strict precautionary measures over the past two months to keep our school a safe environment for our students, and to allow our students to continue learning.

From April 2020, all MOE schools will implement one day of Home-Based Learning (HBL) a week. This will help us prepare for an extended period of HBL should the need arise, so that our students can continue with their learning.

Our school will be conducting HBL on Thursdays, starting from 2 April 2020. Classroom lessons will still proceed as usual on the other days of the week.

To help parents and guardians to understand more about HBL, MOE Communications and Engagement Group has prepared a Parent Kit to guide parents. It shares tips on on how they can complement the school’s HBL efforts and ensure learning continues to take place at home on HBL days. Parents are also invited to join a live Facebook Session hosted by MOE on 1 April, 8 – 9pm, where they can ask anything about HBL. Similarly, at YTSS, we have also prepared some information for you to understand more about HBL in our school.  You will find the information in the table below.

Parent Kit to Guide Parents on HBL by MOE Communications and Engagement Group

Resource Kit - HBL.pdf 

HBL at YTSS.pdf 

Should you have any concerns, please feel free to drop us an email at ytss@moe.edu.sg

Schools to Re-Open with Enhanced Precautionary Measures


Dear Parents and Guardians,

1.       Start of Term 2 – 23 March 2020

Today, the Ministry of Education (MOE) announced that all schools will reopen as planned next Monday, 23 March 2020. Enhanced precautionary measures has been put in place to keep our YTzens and teachers safe. 

2.       MOE-issued Leave of Absence (LOA) or Stay Home Notice (SHN)

a)       As some of our students and staff have travelled overseas during the March school holidays, MOE will issue a 14-day Leave of Absence (LOA) to students and staff of schools who have returned from overseas on or after 14 March, which is the start of the March school holidays. Day zero of the 14 days will commence from the date of their return to Singapore.

b)      As socially responsible YTzens and Singaporeans, students and staff who are on Stay Home Notice (SHN) or LOA, should not come to school. They are to stay home for the duration of the SHN or LOA.

c)       Affected YTzens will all be supported via home-based learning, to enable them to continue with their learning.

3.       Cleaning of Schools during March Holidays

All schools, including YTSS, have undergone thorough cleaning during the March holidays. Besides cleaning all frequently used contact points, attention is given to the cleaning of washrooms, ensuring hand soap is always replenished and making sure sanitary fittings such as water taps are in good working condition. Other areas of cleaning include jet washing of floors in canteens and shampooing of carpets.

4.       Additional Precautionary Measures to Keep Schools Safe for All

When school reopens, the following additional precautionary measures will be implemented:

a.       Suspension of Co-curricular Activities from 23 March to 3 April 2020

b.      Fixed exam-style seating in classrooms

c.       Wipe-down routine in classrooms

d.      Assigned seating and wipe-down routine in canteens

YTSS will also continue with the suspension of large group activities and staggering of recess times in schools.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the school’s General Office or email to ytss@moe.edu.sg

Source: All information has been curated from Ministry of Health’s latest Press Released on 19 March 2020. Please click here to read the full Press Release.

Additional Precautionary Measures to Prevent Further Importation of COVID-19 Cases


Dear Parents and Guardians,

Our government has announced additional precautionary measures on travel following the rapid global developments of COVID-19.

a.       On 15 March, MOH has advised against non-essential travel to all countries for the next 30 days.

b.       The list of countries placed on the Stay Home Notice (SHN) will be expanded.  Singapore residents and long-term
          pass holders with recent travel history (including transit) to the following countries would be placed on a 14-day SHN.

                               i.            With effect from 5 March – Mainland China, Iran and South Korea

                               ii.            With effect from 16 March – France, Germany, Italy, Spain

                             iii.            With effect from 17 March – Japan, Switzerland, United Kingdom and all countries in
(i.e. Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia*, Myanmar,
                                           Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam
).  *For Malaysia, this will exclude travelers from Malaysia
                                            who arrive by land and sea.

c.       In addition, all travelers entering Singapore (regardless of country of travel) and exhibiting fever/respiratory symptoms
          are required to undergo a COVID-19 swab test at the checkpoint and will be issued a 14-day SHN, which they have to
          serve in full, even if the result of the swab test is negative.

d.       You can refer to the latest MOH travel advisories at www.moh.gov.sg/covid-19

With many countries implementing travel restrictions, advisories and isolation measures, e.g., all travelers to Australia and New Zealand are to practice self-isolation for 14 days upon arrival, all staff and parents are advised to review their March holiday travel plans, and defer non-essential travel where possible.

1.       An announcement has been centrally pushed out via Parents Gateway to parents to review your travel plans during the
          March holidays. For parents who have yet to sign up for Parents Gateway, the content of the announcement is found in
          Attachment 1

          Attachment 1:    Central MOE Comms on Travel Advisory 15 March 2020.docx 

2.      Parents, we need your help to update the school of your travel plans (if any) by Tuesday 17 March, 12pm. 
         Attachment 2 provides further information of how parents can delete and update their travel declarations on Parents

          Attachment 2:     Amending Travel Declarations on PG.pdf 

Stepping Up Precautionary Measures Against the COVID-19 Infection 


Dear Parents/Guardians,

MOE will be stepping up precautionary measures against the Wuhan Coronavirus Infection. Upon return to school on Wednesday, 29 Jan 2020

·         all YTzens are to report to their classrooms for a temperature taking exercise, and

·         students are required to bring their personal thermometers to school.

Good Practices Against the Wuhan Coronavirus Infection

Image 1.jpg

Ytzens are encouraged to be calm but watchful and practice the Do’s and Dont’s  highlighted in the poster above during this period of time.

Should parents/guardians be concerned about the need to wear a mask to school, do read through the ‘Advisory on Wearing Masks’ by MOH by clicking here.

An MOE press release can also be found here.