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 Will there be digital versions for all textbooks? Will students be asked to buy only digital versions of textbooks?

 Print textbooks and workbooks will continue to be the primary method for the delivery of the curriculum in 2021.

Can students opt not to purchase the device?

 Every student is required to have a device for teaching and learning purposes and is encouraged to purchase one through the school.

 Students who do not wish to purchase a device because they already have their own device will have to (i) check that the specification of their device meet the device requirement of the school (refer to Device Requirement document) and (ii) agree to the installation of DMA on their device, before they can pursue this option:

 Upon approval, the school will assist to install the DMA in the student’s existing device, which can be uninstalled from the device upon the student’s graduation.


What is the expected shelf life of the device? What happens to the device after the student graduates?

 The devices have an average shelf life of 3-4 years, to cover the time a student is in secondary school. The school will uninstall the Device Management Application (DMA) from the devices upon students’ graduation, and students will have full control over their devices afterward. If the student’s device needs to be installed with DMA in JC/MI, it can be reinstated.

 Will students be allowed to store the devices in school overnight? Where will students store their devices when they go for recess or PE lessons?

 Students are expected to lock their devices in their own individual lockers in their classroom. The classroom will be locked at the end of each day. Students should bring the devices home at the end of the school day so that they can utilise them for learning at home.

 Do parents or students have to bring their device down to the service centre for repairs? Are there other options?

 In the event that the student’s device is faulty, parents can choose to send the device directly to the vendor for repair or leave the device with the school for the vendor to pick up via a fortnightly courier service.

 Will there be vendor support if parents have issues with the device?

 Yes, individual vendors will be sharing their support information on their websites. This information will be provided to parents closer to the issue of the PLD.

 What happens if the device is stolen/lost? Does the contract include insurance? If so, what is covered under the insurance?

 The device will come with the enhanced device bundle which is inclusive of 3-year insurance and 3- year warranty. Refer to the PDLP Bundle Specification for more information.

 The insurance coverage is only applicable to situations of damages and loss where the student has taken precautions to safeguard the device.

 What happens if students damage their devices accidentally?

 If the devices are damaged, the parents/students can report it to the school. The school will coordinate with the vendor on the assessment of damage and repairs. If there are additional costs, the vendor will contact the parents/students before proceeding with the repair. Edusave funds cannot be used to pay for the cost of repairs.

 When a student's device is not able to function or is lost, are they able to loan a school device from school for short-term use?

 Students will be able to get a short-term loan of device (subjected to availability) due to loss or repairs.

 Does the insurance cover the accessories (e.g. styluses, keyboard cases)?

 Insurance coverage is for the main device only and does not cover accessories.

 Can students share one device with their siblings?

 For a smooth learning experience, each student should have his/her own device as prescribed by the school. This is because different schools may tap on different devices for teaching and learning. In addition, students will be required to use the devices in school daily and for their learning after school, hence it might not be practical to share the device with their siblings.

 What is included with the purchase of the device?

 The device will come with the enhanced device bundle with 3-year insurance and 3-year warranty, which allows for two repairs or one replacement.

 The insurance coverage is only applicable to situations of damages and loss where the student has taken precautions to safeguard the device.

 Can parents collect the device on the student’s behalf?

 Parent can collect the device personally or via an adult proxy. When the devices are delivered to the school, students will be collecting the devices on behalf of parents if parents have authorised their child to do so.

 Please contact the school via the PDLP support email for further advice or clarification if you would like to make this arrangement.