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Is the DMA installation compulsory for all students?

 All PLDs purchased through the school will be installed with DMA before they are issued to students. Parents who wish to use existing home digital devices may do so. Such devices will have to meet the necessary school specifications (refer to Device Requirement document) and have the DMA installed. This is to ensure that the device can be used securely in the school. The school will also uninstall the DMA from the students’ devices upon graduation.

 Why is there a need for Device Management Application (DMA) in Personal Learning Devices (PLDs)?

 The DMA allowed teachers to have appropriate controls in place to manage students’ device usage in classrooms. The DMA also will be able to address concerns about access to undesirable content online (e.g. pornography, gambling etc) and excessive screen time.

  What are the benefits of installing DMA in the PLDs when students still have unlimited access to their mobile phones and/or other existing devices?

 The PLD is intended to be a device primarily for teaching and learning. The DMA restrictions create a safe and conducive digital environment, with fewer distractions such as social media and games that might otherwise detract from students’ learning. This is distinct from students’ other devices, including mobile phones, which are more typically used for leisure purposes.

 What happens to the DMA when a student leaves secondary school?

 When students graduate from secondary school, the school will uninstall the DMA from their PLDs. Students will have full control over their PLDs, with no restrictions.