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Sec 1 E-Registration for 2022

Welcome to Yishun Town Secondary School!

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to Yishun Town Secondary School (YTSS)!

We are sure that you and your child/ward are very excited to start this new chapter of his or her life and we are equally excited to welcome you into our big YTSS family.

In YTSS, we use the Parents' Gateway application as our primary mode of communication with parents and we would like to encourage you to download the application if you have not already done so. For more information on using Parents' Gateway (PG), please refer to our User Guide via this link.

To help you and your child transition into secondary school, we would like to ask that you take some time to read through the information on Secondary 1 Registration on our webpage.

Secondary 1 E-Registration Webinar: 23 Dec 2021, 12 noon

Thank you for attending our Sec 1 E-Registration Webinar 2022. We hope that you found the session useful and that you and your child are excited to begin your journey with us here in YTSS.

We have compiled a list of answers to some of the questions that were asked earlier. Please refer to this document for more information.

  1. Please check Parents Gateway for all Letters of Offer by 9 a.m. tomorrow.
  2. Please complete our Sec 1 Registration Form via this link by 26 December as well as download the Letter from Health Promotion Board to enroll your child for the school-based health & dental services.
  3. For ease of convenience, you may wish to download our Secondary 1 E-Registration Checklist to have an overview of the various submission deadlines.

Other Information

For ease of convenience, you may access the various pages of our Sec 1 E-Registration site by clicking on the following links:

Beyond our Webinar, should you continue to have questions, you may wish to drop us an email at ytss@moe.edu.sg. Your questions will be directed to the relevant Key Personnel who will then be in contact with you shortly after to assuage any concerns that you may have.