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Sec 1 Orientation Programme 2023

"Where do I need to go? How do I get there?"
"Where is my class?"
"What if I need help?"
"I don't know anyone from my primary school here!"

It is not unusual to hear some of these questions being asked on the first day of school. After all, starting secondary school can be an awfully daunting task for many students. It is completely normal to feel lost, confused and worried as there are so many unknowns. It is with this understanding in mind that our Student Councillors have designed and put together a suite of activities to help our newly-minted YTzens feel more at ease and comfortable in their new surroundings.

Prior to the beginning of classes, our Sec 1 YTzens will be given an overview of what life in secondary school is like, from academics to social activities such as Co-Curricular Activities, referred to as our Sec 1 Orientation Programme. Our programme is designed and run by our very own Student Councillors who have been working tirelessly to put together a programme to excite our new members of the YTSS family.

Our Sec 1 Orientation Programme aims to
a) introduce students to secondary school life,
b) acclimatise students to their new surroundings, and 
c) provide an opportunity for students to socialise

More information on our Orientation Programme will be shared with students on the first day of school. 

All our programmes have been designed with our students safety and well-being in mind and with COVID-19, all activities have been designed in adherence to the Safety Management Measures (SMM) as outlined by the Ministry of Education.

*Photograph used was taken pre-COVID

Orientation Schedule

*Day 1
Tue, 3 Jan 2023

Day 2
 Wed, 4 Jan 2023

Day 3
 Thurs, 5 Jan 2023

Day 4
 Fri, 6 Jan 2023

Reporting time to school

On the first day of school, students are to report to the Indoor Sports Hall.

7.30 am

8.30 am

7.30 am

CCA Experience

CCA Bazaar

1.30 pm

2.15 pm

2:15 pm [Parents are invited to attend]

Dismissal Time

Parent-Teacher Rapport Session
(For parents to know the school and staff)

Students will not be dismissed later than 4.30pm

4.15 pm to 7.00 pm

*First day of school to be in YTSS full school uniform and bring along YTSS PE attire, notebook and stationery.


What to bring to school?

Students are reminded to bring the following items with them to school everyday on the first week of school:

·     PE attire

·     Water bottle

·     Writing material & English book for Reading

CCA-Related Matters

A briefing on the CCA Policy and CCA selection by the Head of CCA and presentations by all the CCA groups will be conducted for Sec 1 students. The presentations by the CCA groups aim to share in details on the CCAs (objectives and key programmes etc.). CCA trials and CCA experience will be done in the afternoon of week 1 and 2.